Raw Goodies :D

A couple of months or so ago, I posted about setting up a raw cake company as an ethical, fun way to raise money for my expedition to Kenya in 2010, however shipping cakes was turning into a rather large issue, so i racked my brains and have come to a solution :D. Instead, I am setting up a shop focusing mainly on selling gorgeous raw chocolates like truffles, filled chocolates and other delights to satisfy without the guilt. Also, I will be selling raw cookies and other goodies I can ship without issue. I will be setting up the website shortly complete with a donate button if any of you would be kind enough to donate to this cause :) but I am just looking for any potential interest in this venture as the more orders I receive, the more things I will make and sell with love. I hope lots of you are interestedd :D and for more information about my expedition check out: http://www.campsinternational.com/gap/itinerary-ck1.php

much love

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