Raw Food World Summit

A Very Special Announcement

Hi guys

This is real strange…I’m up there with the heavy hitters, you know I’m gonna stick to my guns though, anyway, check this out, give me some support and spread this email to any friends you think may also be interested!

Thanks y’all

For the last 3 months, Mark Perlmutter, producer of the film Raw for 30 days and Kevin Gianni, optimal health expert and author, have been putting together a project that features 12 of the foremost health, wellness and living food experts in the world.


I have been invited to be a guest expert!

The event will feature world class nutritionists, doctors and health evangelists who will help you get answers to your pressing health and wellness questions.

Mark and Kevin tell me that each expert was selected because what they do works! It’s the information we have all been searching for and I’m honored to be involved.

So here’s how you can benefit from all this good news

They’ve convinced each expert, including myself to reveal our tricks, tips and protocols on topics such as raw and living foods, activism, optimal health, fighting disease and much more.

Better still, to get involved it’s 100% free. This expert knowledge costs nothing for those of you who are my subscribers!


Right now, the project is set for release to the general public on August 1st, but we wanted you to take a look at it first and make sure you sign up as there will be additional bonus material free to those who sign up early.

This is a special pre-launch to those of you who’ve stuck with me for a long time. I appreciate you.

So go ahead, take a look and if it’s something that you feel will help, join us today.


Thanks! (F1)

P.S. In just a few short weeks, this event will be over, so don’t miss the opportunity now, just click on the link below!


Well… what you waiting on!!!


  • FreesiaFreesia Raw Newbie

    Thanks fruitarianOne,
    I enjoyed your talk from the Raw Food Summit very much …and i didn’t know you had a UK accent!!
    Very inspiring

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