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Hello to anyone reading this,

Depending on how long you've been here, you may or may not remember me from about 2 years ago. I was 16, pretty much 100% raw vegan, at my ideal weight, and quite happy. That went on for a year.

Since then, a few things have happened.

For a variety of reasons, I slowly stopped eating they way I knew felt best for me. It was a gradual shift from raw vegan to whole foods vegan to junk food vegan to vegetarian to SAD. In the process, I've gained just over 20 pounds, experienced skin breakouts and PMS (both of which were completely under control when I was raw vegan), and just generally seen my health do a 180. I'm unhappy, overweight, etc. This is pretty similar to the state I was in just before I went raw vegan at the age of 15, and I remember just how easy and pleasurable it was to have all these problems vanish with the raw vegan diet. This whole time I've been telling myself, if I REALLY can't find ANYTHING else that works, I'll go back to raw veganism, because I know that works. Isn't that silly? This whole time, I've known what works, but have been looking for other, more socially acceptable solutions. Right now I'm thinking...enough is enough. I'm quite literally sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I've decided to give this another go.

Here's the problem: my living circumstance has changed pretty drastically. Before, I was living at home, with access to a local farmers market and all the kitchen tools (and time to use them) that my heart could desire. I'm now in college, living in a dorm with a cafeteria and without a kitchen, meaning I have no access to a blender, food processor...or even a cutting board for that matter. The raw foods available in my cafeteria are as follows: apples and bananas in virtually infinite supply, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, and melon in the morning. (None of which are organic). I have VERY limited funds to spend on outside food.

My main concern right now is that I'll end up living on mostly fruit, and that my blood sugar levels will be all over the place as a result (I'm not diabetic, but still, something to consider I think). As far as sticking to it...raw veganism is the only diet I have EVER stuck to for longer than two weeks. I think if I jump in with both feet, it won't be so bad.

Any advice, encouragement, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all, I'll keep a record of my progress here in case anybody's interested.

Another thing: one thing I will DEFINITELY be doing different is keeping my mouth shut about this, at least until my body goes through visible health improvements. I know that if I tell my parents, friends, or pretty much anyone "hey, i'm doing the raw vegan thing again" I will receive ANYTHING but support. I'm going to do this veeeery quietly (can you hear Elmer Fudd coming through?), because it makes it easier to do this without having to defend it to everyone.


  • Hey, I'm sorry you're very unhappy. I think most of us have been there and that's why we made changes as well, so we feel you and offer our hugs!!

    I, too, used to experience what might have been sugar lows when I ate cooked food. Now, on high fruit, low fat, I have none of those issues. I would definitely get those ripe bananas, melons, and apples!! And some salad greens. Transition slowly if need be. You can do it!! You did it before. :)

  • perhaps you could transition slowly, make the improvements you are capable of given your circumstances, and see if you can improve your circumstances next year?

    my college dining hall had an amazing salad bar and a little wok bar. i imagine yours might also. you could do fruit for breakfast, big salad for lunch, and steamed or stirfry veggies with brown rice for dinner. if there's a stirfry/wok bar and if they prepare the dishes individually, as they did at my college, you could ask whoever is cooking your veggies to be gentle and quick.

    even if you're high raw, that will be an improvement. just do what you can without sacrificing fuel for your brain power. soon your situation will change and you can get a blender or a food processor and groceries and make your raw dreams come true. in the meantime, there's no need to stress out over food when there are finals to stress out about! eat salads, fruit, and whatever healthy alternatives you can find!

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    you could maybe get a magic bullet blender for your room and a mini fridge. I think the 811 route may work out well for you. my college had a bagged lunch thing where they would give you a bag and some baggies and you could get your lunch to go. i would shove as many apples, bananas and carrot stix into my bag as it would hold, and stockpile them for later. So even if you dont have that, shove a bunch of fruit into your bag, purse or otherwise so youve got stuff on hand.

    Maybe you could ask for one of those aerogarden things for christmas. they fit in a dorm room- a friend of mine had one and went crazy growing all kinds of lettuce. worth a shot.

  • Hey I don't know if you're still going through this but I just now read it. I'm in a similar situation. While I don't live in a dorm room, I am in college full time, I work, and I am on a pretty tight budget. I do have some equipment, but not that much time to use it, so I often don't The list you gave of the foods you have access to is a pretty good variety, and with the exception of a little more fruit, close to my basics for a weekly basis. I find combining things different way keeps it interesting. If you could afford to buy a different type of nut for each week or avocados to supplement your veggies that would probably help as well. Cutting up the apple and banana and adding some cinnamon might make it more interesting. I think struggles like this is what everyone goes through at some point. As life changes, our diets tend to change too. We don't even realize it until one day we remember how we USED to feel, and suddenly we don't feel great anymore. But, when we DO realize things have changed, all we have to do is start working to adapt and creating solutions to the new obstacles. : ) There is a quote in the book Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance- "The solutions are simple...after you've already arrived at them. But they're simple only when you already know what they are." At first it seems almost discouraging, but then you realize it simply means you WILL find the answer, and when you do everything will fall into place again. Good luck on your lifelong journey to health.

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