Colonics/ememas after colon operation

I've recently had a (very unexpected) rignt hemicolonectomy - the doctor thought I had appendicitus but when they opened me up they found a lesion/lump just under the appendix and removed the right half of my colon, forming a bridge to join it up with the left half.

Can anyone tell me if it is safe to do either colonics or an enema after this operation. I've been partially raw for a few years now but this has scared me into being almost 100% - I'm still eating cooked veggies but have stopped meat and dairy (and smoking). My stomach isn't working properly yet - it's less than 3 weeks since the op - and although I'm having green juices, green smoothies and salads plus wheatgrass juice every day I still am not having an elimination every day.

Does anyone know if it is safe to have either an enema or a colonic after this operation, and if so how long after the op should I wait>

Thanks, Denise


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i would definitely ask your doctor. i wouldn't feel comfortable giving an answer. he/she would know if you've healed ok and everything before you get one.

  • Denise, I would definatley agree with Joanna on asking the doctor. This could get really serious if you do something you shouldn't. This isn't meant to be personal, but are you sure you "need" to do something like that? From what I know of family members who have had operations to remove pulips (I know, not quite the same thing), the hospital sends you home with liquid to drink before scopes and such that REALLY cleans you out. I would think you are already cleaned out a lot already. I must be honest, and say I am not a big fan of enema/colonics. So, that may be influening my opinion. But, I would wonder if you couldn't do more harm than good because of your situation.

    Something else to consider: I believe once you've had parts of your colon removed there can be nutrient absorbtion issues. Stoping smoking, and eating healthier are great things to do. But, I would want to be sure you are getting enough nutrients. Not saying that it isn't, but you may want to look into if 100% raw is the most healthy choice for you under your circumstances? Your body is different than it was before. A good way to phrase it (since raw diets are still uncommon to most people including doctors) would be to ask your doctor if you will have any problems with salads, raw fruit, nuts, seeds or whatever your diet consists of. Also try to find out exactly "what" that part of your colon did. That may help you know if your getting enough nutrients from 100%. Your health is the most important thing.

  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    I would also agree with asking your doctor, but I dont think its a good idea to do one, and im a fan of colonics and enemas. I would recommend adding a large green juice to your diet everyday (mostly greens and non-sweet veg with a bit of fruit thrown in for taste) this is instantly absorbed by your body so youre getting tons of nutrients. I would also recommend using chia gel (chia seeds soaked in water) every day is all soluble fiber that really helps get things going. This will take a couple days to get into your system but they so help. Try this recipe:

    1 cup mylk or water (alt. blend a banana and some water to mylky consistency)

    1 t maca

    1 t vitamineral green (or other green powder)

    1 T or more cacao or carob powder

    dash cinnamon

    blend. add 3-4 T chia seeds. stir and let sit for 20-30 min to turn to gel. Enjoy your chocolate pudding :)

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