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Acne and Colonic questions! Advice/Commentary needed!

Hi! I have been 100% raw for 2 months now and before that i was 80% raw and had undergone lots of fasts, juicing cleanses, and 2 liver flushes. I am currently doing hot yoga three-four times a week. Before all of this, I never really had acne until about june when i started to get bumps all over my forehead, and from there i took on the cleanses and 80%. My acne seemed to increase(which i expected) and then almost went completely away. When i went 100% raw though it came back and it has not quit. I have this rash looking thing from the side of my nose down to the side of my mouth (like where old people have a smile wrinkle) and also on either side of my chin looking. I figured when i first got it that it would last oh maybe a couple weeks no biggie, but it has been two months and they havent budged! they arent even turning into white/black heads, just these irratated spots on my face. I am also getting some random pimples on the rest of my face but they aren't anything compared to the three spots. I've heard that colonics can help get rid of acne totally. Is this true? Or has it only worked for some? I am not very old either so i dont have as many toxins in my body that a 40 or even 30 year old would have. Does anyone know how long this is going to last? Will raw foods clear me up ever, or will i be forever detoxing?


  • also what about oil pulling? has anyone tried that and have gotten good/bad/no results?

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I did oil pulling for quite a while with really good results. I definitely recommend it. I haven't done it in a while simply because I got out of the habit but seriously, give it a try. It's great for skin, teeth, overall immune health and it really does whiten teeth!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i think you're just detoxing. i had a terrible rash all over my body for about 6 months. it's gone now, but i must've had so much crap in there that it just took a while to get out. it just takes time. i was a vegan before raw, too, so it's not like i ate very unhealthy foods either.

  • I cleared my acne after 6 months raw and oil pulling.Dont know exactly wich one helped more than the other.But definetely give it a try!

    I beleive you are still detoxing! hang in there!

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    my acne didn't clear up until i started eating low-fat and quit eating spices, salts, oils, etc. when i was eating higher fat, gourmet raw and doing cleanses, juice feasts, colonics, enemas, etc my acne was the worst it's ever been. now i'm solely on fruit and veggies and my complexion is completely clear.

  • What's oil pulling

  • I second the idea that it might be detox. Though feel free to try Kellyanne's advice to cut out spices, salts,oils, etc.

    Ccoyle oil pulling is when you swish cold pressed oils in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, then spit it out and rinse. You can get more info here:


  • Hello there

    I tried using bentonite clay mixed with psyllium and water, it helps draw out toxins very effectively. Follow that with an enema the next day and you're golden. I did it for four days consecutively, while following a raw diet, and my skin was CLEAN, perfectly smoothe. and I had a ton of energy. I think on the fourth day i went swimming, did bikram yoga, and went for a long bike ride. research it and try it.

    I started oil pulling yesterday, after seeing it here, and so far so good. i dont feel any huge change, but just like anything else it takes time for the effect to take hold on the body. so far my teeth feel squeaky clean, and my skin is more supple. although i did have an enema yesterday. I think together they work very well. good luck!

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