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A few quick questions please :)

Good morning everyone!

Some quick questions from a noob:

1. Has anyone had any luck with raw nut milks from mainstream stores? I have a Whole Foods close to me - what should I be looking for?

2. Is it ok to boil water for yogi teas?

3. Is sparkling/carbonated water like Perrier or San Pellingrino ok?

4. What are you favourite raw chocolate-type bars?

Thank you!


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    1) I don't know of any stores making raw nutmilks. If you are transitioning you could use store bought nut milk but it's pasteurized. It's pretty easy to make your own nut milk from with a blender and nutmilk bag.

    2) i boil water for tea all the time. but it's up to you.

    3) water is ok. it doesn't contain enzymes that are killed when heated. but some people find that they are sensitive to the bubbles in spakling water after awhile. I use it as a treat only.

    4) my favorite chocolate bar that you can buy is this one http://gnosischocolate.squarespace.com/

    good luck!

    a bitt of raw


  • Thank you Bitt! Wonderful :)

  • A good way to get raw chocolate fix is cacao. You can buy it raw at health stores, or order it online.

    It is bidder though, but i like to add a couple of Tablespoons in my banana smoothie for flavour.

    As far as craving sweets, when eating a high raw diet made up of many raw fruits, i never crave sweets. I truly believe craving sweets means your body just wants some sweet fruit, and give it that and your cravings will go away.

    I proved it to myself and that is why I believe it.

    Boiling water is good, it kills the bacteria, and makes it safe to drink, and is done all over the world. You don't want to get sick from drinking bad water.


    Once you understand that milk is NOT a food group, then you will understand that by making raw milk is really your internal fear of letting go of your old diet.

    Trying to mimic bad foods like milk and pizza and burgers is one of the things people in transition do. It isn't necessary for the diet, and your better off eating whole raw almonds without the processing to get the full nutrient value. That should be your goal when your done transitioning anyway.

    good luck!!!

  • 1. I've never, ever heard of packaged raw nut milks. If for some reason they exist, look for milks that contain unpasturized nuts, pure water, high mineral salt (celtic, himalayan) and are unsweetened. Nothing else should be in there!

    2. Some people are "purists" meaning NOTHING above 104 goes into their bodies but I'm pretty sure the majority of us drink hot teas, at least occasionally. If you want to, DO! A good "raw" way of making tea in the summer time is putting fresh water and fresh herbs, lemon and ginger in a jug and leaving it out in the sun for hours to soak up the sun's goodness and for the flavours to blend together to make "sun tea."

    3. Perrier or San Pellingrino are not "pure" foods but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have them if you want to!

    4. Chocolate coconut Larabars are YUMMY (as are all of the other flavours) but are not stictly raw as they contain pasturised nuts. When I have a chocolate craving, I make this recipe: http://thesunnyrawkitchen.blogspot.com/2008/05/recipe-of-week-perfect-chocolate-bar.html It's simple, DELICIOUS and doesn't require any fancy equipment!

    Good luck and enjoy :)

  • bb

    It's important to note that while RawCanadian is right about Cacao being able to satisfy a chocolate craving, most of the cacao sold as "raw", is not actually raw. All cacao goes through a heating process when left in the sun to dry in extremely hot temperatures. It ferments as well. Even David Wolfe's Sunfood brand doesn't sell truly raw cacao in the package.

    I've researched this a bit and found that those who have eaten cacao straight from the plant state that it is far more bitter than the beans you'll find at the store. I'm not saying not to have it, just that you should be as informed as possible before you try something. Cacao is becoming so popular in New York(where I live), as I'm sure it is all over, but people overlook the fact that Cacao does have downsides. It is a stimulant. Just as coffee is a stimulant. I find it to be much more soothing than coffee and I've not become jittery on it the way I would with coffee, but chemically it is nevertheless, a stimulant. Theobromine is considered a drug. Anyway, I just signed up today and saw this post and clicked on it. I'm so glad that this exists. So glad to see support for a raw vegan life-(I don't call it a lifestyle as this is the original lifestyle and doesn't need to be qualified). I hope to learn from people who've been doing this much longer than I. Thanks.

  • Thank you everyone, I've just seen these. I'm on a juice feast currently to give my body much-needed rest after 9 months of not treating it too well and to re-align myself. Very helpful answers, all of them!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    b, i have definitely noticed i am very shaky when i eat cacao. it sucks because i am obsessed with love street living foods!! they make awesome chocolate-like spreads and fudge. the chocolate coconut spread is out of this world good. i put it in my smoothies to make chocolate ones or i just spread it on a banana. i also love carob, too. the taste is totally different from cacao, but it's nice to switch them up.

    as for tea, i drink it everyday- probably 3 mugs of it. i love herbal teas and usually put my water in the microwave for a minute.

  • It's in my genes to drink a crapload of tea non-stop all the time. The Yogi ones are great alright, as are Pukka. I'd say you're destroying a lot of nutrients and enzymes when you subject dried plant material to boiling temperatures, although a lot of the beneficial chemicals are still intact. Regarding raw nut/seed milk, I just use it to add a bit of flavour. E.g., my breakfast yesterday was sprouted buckwheat, hazelnuts and gojis all covered in milk made from sprouted sunflower seeds. Lovely.

    Raw chocolate's nice occasionally, but it's a pricey bastard!

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