Hibernation instincts?

Over here in North of England winter is fast approaching - if not here already. The last of the leaves are falling and the morning frost is starting. Now I once read we have natural animal instincts to hibernate.

I usually suffer from s.a.d (seasonal affective disorder) in the winter anyway but now I'm finding I can not stay awake. I can sleep 12 hours and struggle to wake up, when I got up I find it hard to stay awake and I'm eating very little. I went through a period of eating loads now I've just started eating hardly anything.

So I'm curious does anyone else feel the need to just hibernate in winter?


  • YES! YES! YES!

    i am so sleepy too! and in my mind, we are totally,Totally supposed to sleep all through the winter- 'course i have crazy evolution theories and i believe we as humans aren't suppsed to live in winter-y areas anyhoo.. =P

    anyway, i hope you're well!

    have fun winter fun!


  • Well lets face it, if we were meant to survive it we'd have fur! Yet even some fur animals head south! Time for a holiday home in the sun!

    It would make sence that we arent supposed to live in cold areas too - we're not well adapted to it are we. When you compare us to a polar bear and penguin too :P

  • ras-saadonras-saadon Raw Newbie

    Yea also most of our natural foods are found in hot tropical environments, hardly anything for humans to eat in a frozen environments.

  • Hibernate? Naaaah! Look at animals that do, like bears and hedgehogs and the like. They can put on huge amounts of excess weight with no ill effects, storing for the long sleep and all, but if we get above a certain BMI it starts to wreck our health. Falls at the first hurdle!

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