Hello everyone

Hi :-) my name is Liat. Im 32 years old and im new in site and really want to go for raw diet...but i have so many question which i do not know where to start :-D but ill do my best:

first...i vegetarian for the past 2-3 years...but i do eat fish sometimes. when i first heard about the raw food diet i felt it is so natural for me to do it.

but i have to get some answers before jumping into the pool :-)

first question: do i really have to get food processor and dehydrator to go raw?

2. i live in a cold country (Poland) and the body demands to be fed with warm\heavier food to keep the body temp in good shape (i think so...), what are the raw foods which can keep me warm?

3. for a year now i take a diet which i separate hydrocarbons and protein sources in my meals (4 meals a day - each meal for each food group) and it worked well for me (i lost 7 kg). is it too complicated to combine it on raw food diet?

4. In my region it seems to have difficulty to have raw and organic food handy...it is also very expensive to order all super foods by internet. does anybody here from poland region which might have better information about it?

5. what are the sources of protein (except spirolina) in raw food diet? same question for hydro carbonates (except fruits).

i was looking around the web and seen wonderful things about this diet...but it was very difficult for me to find a proper well experienced answers for my questions...

it is so exciting for me to get to know this, and to get to know new people which might have a similar way of thinking.

Many blessings to you all and thanks in advance! :-)


  • Hi there :)

    You absolutely do NOT need a food processor and a dehydrator to go raw but you will need a solid blender that will hold up with constant use. Some recipes require a dehydrator (raw breads, etc) but you can certainly make a variety of foods without one.

    2. Being raw doesn't mean you always have to eat cold foods - you can gently warm raw soups on the stove (up to 104 degrees). A lot of us rely on spicy foods like cayenne, chilies and garlic to "warm from the inside"

    3. Raw food combining is super easy. The same principles apply as in cooked foods.

    4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you do NOT NEED SUPERFOODS! Fruit and vegetables are super foods in themselves and you are by no means depriving yourself by not having access to spirulina, chlorella, etc., etc.

    5. Good sources of complete proteins are sprouted lentils, quinoa, beans (if you're tolerant) as well as unpasturised nuts and seeds. Good hydrocarbonate foods are also raw nuts, avocados and raw olives.

    Hopefully this helps, if only a little! I'm sure there are others on here that have plenty more to add to this! x

  • I agree with BushCrazyRaw, superfoods are a super fast way to lose a super amount of money...eat the whole food and you'll be fine:)

    As for good sources of protein, I have found that I've been doing fine with just the odd bunch of seeds now and then.

    When you're ordering, if you do end up ordering, I highly recommend www.iherb.com...I'm living in South Korea right now, and they've been a total lifesaver...well, not really a lifesaver:) Just that I can order whatever I'd like from there and the shipping rates are LOW! They also recycle a lot of their boxes (when companies send iherb stock, iherb uses those boxes to send our your order) and so the shipping costs are lower than they might otherwise be.

    I know what you mean when you say that you NEED warm food since you're in a cold country (I'm from Canada, and it's COLD :)) but I've found that - over a few months though- I've gotten used to the cool feel of fruit...

  • If your feeling cold an easy and relatively inexpensive way to warm up is to add Maca into your diet. Very warming and very nutritious for you too!


  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie

    Herbal teas are great when I'm cold.

    They're of course not raw because the water is boiled, but if you're not doing it 100% this may be an option.

  • thank you all for the replies...it is such a pleasure :-)

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