Dehydrated Crackers Cracking Up

Hi there,

I have been pretty successful with raw dehydrated crackers and similar (crisps, wraps) most of the time, but some mixes seem to develop "fissures" while drying. Sort like San Andreas Faults. As they dry the become more brittle and break up far easier when they do this - no cohesion. Sometimes they taste awesome (especially sprouted wheat/quinoa etc type crackers).

Does anyone know what conditions cause this and how to prevent this from happening. It especially seems to happen when drying wraps and things that have been in the blender a bit more than the juicer. I have tried all sorts of variations - more flax, less flax, oil etc. Most of the time the rackers are perfect, now I would to get them ALL perfect!



  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    i make sure the mixture is very moist when i spread it on the sheet (i put parchment paper down first). i usually do a higher ratio of vegetables to seeds/oil so they don't crack. even adding some water helps if i think the mixture isn't wet enough.

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