Sprout People!

I don't remember who I first saw post about the Sprout People, but THANK YOU!

I left my mom's computer browser open to their starter kit page a few weeks ago, and I just opened it up for my birthday.

I am SO excited to get started - I am starting with the Italian blend.

Now that I've got all these seeds, I would love to hear everybody's favourite sprouts, and your favourite recipes for them. I love to just munch on them, but might like to play with some recipes.

Thank you in advance!


  • HI silystarrfish!!

    My favorite sprouts are buckwheat:) eat them dehydrated they are crunchy and yummy:D

    I also tried sprouted lentis and mung beans fresh in salads. They are great!!! I would love to make a sprouted bread, but i dont have a dehydrater:( I buy already made sprouted dehydrated buckwheat, it is way more expensive!!!

  • ooh! Thanks Sweet!

    I tried their San Francisco blend - it had peanuts and a few other bigger sprouts in it, and I wasn't too crazy about it. I really love smaller sprouts. Haven't tried the buckwheat yet.

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