cant do the swf? MC

today is my first day and i tryed the sea salt water and it was DISGUSTING!! I HATE salt!! but i tryed to drink it anyway, i drank less then half and i couldnt anymore is there any secret way of drinking this stuff? i dont think i can do it again, also, the cayenne pepper, dont really understand how much you put in the drink? what is 1/10? do i need to put that in the drink too or can i leave it out?


  • I am tempted to just eat some pickles, lol should i fight my craving or do this mc another time? its hard to find motivation!! ;(

  • durianrider, the saltwater flush recommended in the Master Cleanse must be followed exactly - it's 2tsp salt to 32oz of water. The entire purpose of this is to achieve the specific gravity necessary to prevent any of it being absorbed or filtered through the kidneys. It's done first thing in the morning, when the pyloric valve is open. Thus, it really is a *flush* which simply washes out the intestines of everything that's been loosened up by the cleanse drink and laxative tea.

    Lilium, an alternative to the saltwater flush is to have another cup of laxative tea in the morning. This is what I do most days because I can't hang around at home by the bathroom. ;) I leave the house for work in the middle of the night, about 30 minutes after getting up. So, I only do the saltwater flush on my days off, and do the laxative tea instead. This is straight from Burroughs' original book, so it's not some new modification or deviation from the original cleanse. HTH!

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    hi freewithleft! i don't really understand how using exact measurements (tsp salt to 3oz of water) prevents it from being absorbed by the body.

    i feel that taking in a large amount of salt like that is toxic and it only seems like a flush because your body is trying to rid itself of it as soon as it possibly can.

    i've done all kinds of cleanses before and nothing works for me like eating a diet of fruits and veggies/greens. it gives your body all the nourishment it needs so that it can heal and cleanse itself rather than shocking, stimulating, and "flushing" your body only to go back to a diet that makes it seem necessary to cleanse frequently.

    i would listen to your body lilium and it will lead you in the best direction. wish you all the best :)

  • The exact measurements make it the right specific gravity to prevent absorption - that is the concentration of solutes. Water has a specific gravity of 1.00 and anything above that means there are solutes dissolved in it. Here's the passage from Burrough's original book:

    "There is a much superior method of cleansing the colonic tract without the harmful effects of customary colonics and enemas. This method will cleanse the entire digestive tract while the colonics and enemas will only reach the colon or a small part of it. Colonics can be expensive while our salt water method is not.

    DIRECTIONS: Prepare a full quart of luke-warm water and add two level (rounded for the Canadian quart) teaspoons of sea salt. Do not use ordinary iodized salt as it will not work properly. Drink the entire quart of salt and water first thing in the morning. This must be taken on an empty stomach. The salt and water will not separate but will stay intact and quickly and thoroughly wash the entire tract in about one hour. Several eliminations will likely occur. The salt water has the same specific gravity as the blood, hence the kidneys cannot pick up the water and the blood cannot pick up the salt. This may be taken as often as needed for proper washing of the entire digestive system."

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    I find the swf much easier to take if the water is warm (warmer than lukewarm, but not hot)--then it's almost like a broth. Like freewiththeft says, you can always use laxative tea in the AM if you just can't do the flush.

  • I am on day 7 of the MC and having a hard time of it. I have done this before for 30 days but this time is just really hard on me.

    I am thinking of going to day 10 and stopping.

    The key to the SWF is all in the salt. You really have to use the raw grey salt and not any salt calling itself sea salt.

    I use a straw while I drink it and it does help.

    For the last few days I have skipped my SWF which could be why I am feeling so dragged down and have done the lax tea instead.

  • I'm soooo confused about salt! Would we get it in nature? Does it have necessary functions in the human body!? Help!

  • IsisDC, I think it's clear I love the Master Cleanse, but I think it's important to listen to your body too! I stopped my last MC on day 7 because my hunger came back out of nowhere and I was RAVENOUS. lol I knew if I dragged it out to 10 days I would end up trying solids too soon and make myself really sick so I stopped. I think I was just too depleted. It was my fourth MC of the year and you are supposed to be able to do it quarterly but it might have just been too much for me personally, one was a 20-day and the others were 10 days. I'm going to wait until May or so before doing one, probably only do a couple this year.

    Anyways, it could definitely be toxins causing the problem if you are not moving them out fast enough. Or it could be that you're not getting enough calories. That has happened to me and I increased the amount of agave/syrup in each lemonade and tried to get one extra drink in me for the day and it turned around in 24 hours. Maybe you could try that. Good luck! :)

    Lyn, I'm not sure of the answer about salt....I would think we would naturally get some but not as much as the typical diet these days. At any rate, in the case of the cleanse, though, it's not meant to be absorbed or used by the body. It just changes the concentration of the water so it goes right through you. Literally. I mean fast too. lol

  • Freewitheft- Thank you so much for your response. I think I am having a really bad detox day. I couldn't even drink the lemonade till 3pm because I was nauseous. And even since I have been drinking it slow because I am having a hard time holding it down.

    I was going to do this for 20 days, but I don't think that will happen, but I will hang in there till day 10.

    I will be careful about the reintro and I actually plan on staying on only fruits for another week.

    Thank you again and let me know when you are going to MC again, I could use a buddy! :-)

  • No problem IsisDC! I would really, really, really, like to get one 30-day MC under my belt just to see what it's like. But I'm just not sure if/when it will happen. I think I'm just going to plan to do 10-day MC's and if all is going well I can extend it. It makes me sad when I can feel so fantastic on the MC but realize that it just might be too much for my body. I'm pretty skinny now, do 36-hour water fasts occasionally, heavy workouts every day, etc. so I probably need to get myself built up pretty good first. ;)

    I tried solids too soon after my 20-day MC and it was bad, bad, bad pain. Basically, since my stomach and the rest of the GI system hadn't been completely warmed up again (I refer to it like it's machinery, lol) the food just sat there like a rock. I ended up going to my acupuncturist to have him get the stomach stimulated and start moving stuff through. I do NOT want to go through that again! Here's the thing about what happened....I was fine with raw food, but could not handle anything cooked. I had eaten raw cauliflower earlier in the day, of all things, and it was fine. I tried to have some cooked rice and veggies with my kids at dinner and that's when it all went to hell.

  • My MCing this time is sort of for weight but it really is for detoxing.

    I started back to school and have been eating junk, drinking energy drinks (case of Red Bull every 5 days) 4 cups of coffee a day, took up smoking again :-( and been drinking and doing other "recreational" things in dealing with stress.

    I have hit the 30 day mark doing a MC in the past, and it was pretty amazing, but my system was not as grimy as it is now.

    I think what I am going through is a detox from "substances". I have the shakes and nausea and feel like I have been hit by a bus.

    Completing the 10 days followed by a liver flush at the end might be the best way and eat healthier until the next MC.

  • If I'm reading that right, I would say that the other "recreational" thing is probably the stress relief tool I would keep on the table and get rid of the rest. ;) I mean, if we have high-stress lives, I don't think we should beat ourselves up over needing some relief and I would always choose something natural with health benefits. Sex is also great but I'm a single mom who's too busy to even **look** for a partner! lol

    One of the things I really like about the MC is that, once the hunger is gone, you can spend time thinking objectively about food and what you are going to eat. I'm not in a place yet where I'm fully evolved to raw and have gotten rid of all cravings, vices, etc. Basically, I do great for quite a while after an MC because I'm feeling so good and not easily tempted. Then I start to slide a bit, and by the time I say "whoa! Let's get this under control!", it's time for another MC.

    I bet the caffeine withdrawal is causing more problems than anything else. Seems like that what gives folks headaches and detox symptoms the most with an MC. Congrats on doing the 30 days! I really hope I can do that, even once!

  • Freewitheft- I will keep my happy "recreational", and probably have a cigarette now and then too, as well as coffee and a cocktail here and there

    Substances are more appealing than food for me.

    And I agree, it is probably caffeine and tobacco giving me grief, maybe booze is responsible for some of it too.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love food too, but caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and "other" are my crutches.

    I am doing this cleanse for the very reason you stated, I started to slide too much and found myself feeling like hell.

    I am a single mom too, but I found a wonderful guy so sex is still in my life :-)

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