Stone Age diet included processed grains

So it seems many people once again are wrong about our ancestors and timelines as far as diet goes.

Look what the diet consists of and then compare that to the healthiest diets known to science today such as Okinawan Diet and you see any similarities??

Grains, roots, plants, small amount of meat!!!!

So although the raw diet CAN be healthy if followed carefully (which many don't do BTW), it seems a balanced diet was natural 100 000 years ago which wasn't 100% raw but most likely mixed.

Of couse this would change from culture to culture, but then the cultures would have been more dense, NO.

They wouldn't have dispersed as much at this point, at least we are waiting for more evidence.

I know the aliens will come to tell us one day, but until then I can once again be happy eating my oatmeal in the morning.


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