Raw Hooiser

I've been eating 'High Raw' for a few months now not 100% though. I mostly eat raw maybe 60-90% but add cooked foods in for convenience and nutrition and well teenage cravings too. I am 18 and I went vegetarian when I was 14 (5 years minus a month ago) and vegan when I was 17 (1.5 years ago) and just since maybe August or September have been experimenting with raw.

I feel that high raw is the ultimate step I need to take to keep my mind clear, depression away, prevent genetic diseases (Crohn's disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke), keep me away from certain drugs, and optimal health. I have struggled with depression almost half of my life and it's taken a big hit to my conscience and I have never felt as good as I do on a raw diet so I know its the best for me.

The hard part of going 100% raw for me now is in season produce. I try to buy local only and in the cold Indiana weather barely anything grows. I am splurging on citrus to help me get through the winter. I am planning on going really raw when I have a garden starting in the spring and hopefully grow around 70% of my food and I want to start training to bike and run because I really would like to run marathons and me a lot more active.

Well I am here so I can be motivated to continue my raw journey, so Hello to all and thanks for being here!



  • Hello fellow Hoosier! Just wanted to offer support--I know exactly what you mean regarding depression and raw. I suffered through psychotic depression for nearly two decades before finding raw foods, and now I'm medication free while also being delusion free, hospital free, and finally experiencing some true joy in life. I feel really grateful to have found a solution. I'm not 100% raw either, but i've found what works for me. Yes, it is difficult to find food here in the winter. There are some greenhouses still offering kale and tomatoes in the Indy area. And of course there are tons of apples. Good luck!

  • This is my first year buying a great majority of food locally so I don't know where and how to get things all the time except farmer's markets. I am curious because you mentioned greenhouses offering kale and tomatoes, where might these be? I went to the Farmer's Market and there was no kale which I use in smoothies everyday so if I could find some because I have noticed when I have a good amount of chlorophyll in a day I feel sooooo good. I still have around maybe 10 pounds of apples from Stuckey's Orchard up in Sheridan. I got around 40-45 pounds last time I went and the time before that I got 40 and before that like 15 I have really eaten a lo of apples this year next year I'm gonna eat a lot more!

    The thing about raw food I love is all the success stories I have read and heard many online from fighting cancer, losing hundreds of pounds, lowering cholesterol/blood pressure, and on and on and on. Good to here about your depression, I suffered with it on and off maybe 9-10 years I couldn't imagine two decades of it. The big thing raw foods helps me with is keeping me away from smoking marijuana and tobacco which I used to self medicate myself for depression and anxiety (that was really caused by them in the first place).

    Oh I was just thinking Hooiser and I got reminded of something I was driving to class one day eating raw corn on the cob which is to die for and I felt like such a Hooiser. In class someone was talking about eating a burger while driving to class and I was like I ate some corn on the cob while driving here ha! Oh Hooisers!

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