Non Vitamix/Blendtec Blender?

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I know a good blender is the basis of a raw food diet and mine has helped make it easier to transition but my blender is crap, I have to blend my morning green smoothies for at least 5 minutes to make it smooth enough. I really really want a new blender because I know mine will give out any day soon. I can get a new blender for Christmas from my grandma but she won't and I don't want to ask her for a Vita-mix even though I would love one. But I am saving for one and hopefully next summer I might have the money, oh yes I am not employed I am a student so money is harder to get for me. I can snag one that will hopefully be better than the one I have now on sale before Christmas.

I know the cheapest Vita-mix is 2hp and like 30,000 rpm but it runs at $350 and I want something around $200. I found a Waring which from reviews sounds pretty decent, it is 1 HP and 27,000 rpm and I believe 1000 watts (?) Here's a link

Its around $190-200. So my question is has anyone had experience with a non-Vitamix or Blendtec Blender that is commercial quality and powerful enough to make smoothie in less than a minute or two? An What do you think of the above blender?



  • Hey

    I don't know how much it would cost you, but the best blender that I know and have used, since I also don't have a really expensive one, is the Tribest personal blender. I think it's about $150.00 You can make smoothies in an instant, that's the easy part. You can also grind nuts into butter, make chocolate sauces and do many many things with it. I have had mine for about four years and I use it at least once a day if not several times a day. It comes with two 250ml cups and two 500ml cups (with sealable lids), a blender blade and a grinder blade. It will certainly hold out until you save for a vitamix. The only drawbacks are the cup size, which is a little small for a giant smoothie, and if you aren't careful and drop the blade it could crack, both of mine are cracked but it still works. It's like the magic bullet but works.

    hope that helps.


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    i have a black and decker cyclone blender. now, i'll admit, the first time i used it i absolutely HATED it. the blender turned on again after i turned it off and my smoothie went all over the kichen. but i tried it again, and unplugged it first before i took the pitcher off the blender (very important) and that works fine haha it was only like 30 bux at target if you're looking for one that cheap. it's the most powerful blender i've used though and my parents love it because i used to stand in the kitchen and blend my fruit for like 2 minutes straight.

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    Actually I ended up getting a Waring the 300HPB its 1 hp but a person from Waring said it was rated at 1.5 hp. I got it for $167 from Abe's of Maine. And let me tell you I love this blender. My old blender would give me only chunky and thick smoothies and I would let it run for at least 5 minutes. Now I can blend for a minute and get the constituency of juice. I love it. I went from making a green smoothie in the morning to making 2-4 smoothies a day. I am now getting more greens (already a pound today) in my diet. I would definitely recommend this blender to anyone who doesn't have the money for a vita-mix but still wants the power. I make may a new thread telling people about this wonderful machine.

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    I'm late but I'm glad you found something you like - and welcome to Goneraw!

  • Aren't Grandmas GREAT! The never stop spoiling us, glad you love your blender, and I bet she is thrilled to have bought you something you use and love.

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