Leafy-sprout seed mixes

I am just starting out with sprouting leafy sprouts (e.g. alfalfa, clover, cabbage, radish, fenugreek, etc.) and I am looking for some good sprout mixes which would be delicious. Currently, I only have alfalfa seeds and clover seeds, and I won't seeds for other varieties of leafy sprouts until I know that I'll have what to do with them! It would suck to make a mix haphazardly and to them find out five days and many rinses later that it doesn't taste good.

So what are your favourite mixes? I'm okay with salad mixes, mixes to put into sandwiches, mixes for soups, etc. I use an EasySprout sprouter so I'm not growing microgreens yet - no flax, cress, chia or other mucilaginous seeds yet.

Many thanks!

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