Elevated Lipase levels

Can anyone explain this to me? My endocrinologist says that my lipase enzymes levels are elevated. I'm currently taking diabetic medications and hoping that my raw food approach will reduce or eliminate the need. I'm concerned and don't know whether choosing raw is a problem. By the way, several weeks ago, I added a systemic enzyme while doing a green smoothie feast.

According to the doc, if my levels don't drop she would recommend a gastroenterologist. I don't want to add another physician or more medications.

Any ideas?


  • Vegwoman113,

    I started to look up info on it, and there seems to be a lot of suggestions for RAISING your lipase lowers, but I'm not finding info to lower it. I see (if my internet info is correct) that it can be a sign of problems pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas)? I would definately take info from a reputable internet site on what fruits and veggies are best for this. In your case, just because it's raw won't mean it's best for you possibly. Would your endocrinologist be up to telling you which foods are good and bad for your condition? Many times docs don't bother with that info because people seldom seem to take them up on diet changes. Once they realize you will actually use that info, they may be more open to taking the time. If I find time later today I hope to search the internet for info. Even off a reputable site, you may still want to check with your doctor.

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