Brand spanking new

Hi all. I wrote something for my bio, then discovered this discussion topic, so just transferred it over. Here goes!

I've been a vegetarian for many years, always wanting to be vegan but never mustering up the courage to actually make the change. Little by little I was getting smacked in the face with everything I already knew, like reading about another horror of industrial foods or GMO's. Then, I saw Food, Inc. and cried. Finally, I was in a bookstore and picked up 12 Steps to Raw Foods. That night I had my last cooked meal and began my raw vegan adventure.

So far I'm not 100% raw, allowing myself things like non-raw salad dressings (but always vegan), olives, and tea. I try to stay as close to 100% as possible for as long as possible. I do have an obstacle though. I've always had a peanut allergy, and am now questioning an allergy to other nuts. After my skin was breaking out worse than before I went raw, I eliminated all nuts and most seeds. I'm guessing a trip to an allergist might be the next best step.

I am a virgin with the following: kale, chia seeds, sprouting my own seeds, buying nut milk bags, raw squash/zucchini, buying a saladacco (although this seems fun), nama shoyu, Bragg's amino acids, finding raw olives, cacao nibs, or garbanzo beans anywhere.

I've only been raw since 12/3/09 but have already gotten far more jabs than praise, especially by my family. I hope to stay strong and start feeling benefits of a nearly-raw diet soon. I can't and don't want to preach to anyone else, but I'd love some respect for what I'm doing.

Nice to meet you all :)


  • welcome, from the raw community and congratulations for taking one of the best, smartest steps of your life! (at least in my opinion).

  • Always good to see a new person hop on the bandwagon!! I'm new to raw too, and not too strict about it because I don't want to end up all exasperated. The sooner you get into sprouting the better. No fancy gear needed (I use a big glass jar, a piece of loose-weave fabric, and an elastic band) and excellent results!

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