Cold/Flu Season

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I may as well post it (part of it) here, being that most need it this time of year, but looking for natural alternatives:

Black Elder or Elderberry can soothe the symptoms of a feverish cold/flu, coughing and bronchitis. It is rich in vitamins A and C and potassium. By strengthening the immune system it helps to fight off viral infections. It is also good for head colds and laryngitis, and can increase the milk supply of nursing mothers. It is safe for children.

Rose Hips- very rich in vitamin C, strengthens the immune system and prevents and treats colds; a mild diuretic and astringent properties also aid in kidney disease and poor bladder control.

Chamomile Tea- this tea has antibacterial properties; its vapor can destroy germs that cause the flu and alleviate coughing. It can also calm the nerves and promote sleep; relieve gastrointestinal inflammation when combined with calcium; and its flavonoids can prevent gas and relieve cramps.

Echinacea (echineacea purpurea) Tea- widely known for fighting colds/flu and treating sore throats, and dry up a runny nose. This tea is also effective in addition to cancer treatments of radiation and chemotherapy (kills good and bad cells) because it helps to boost white blood cells. This blood purifier is also good for urinary tract infections, eczema, and acne.

Eucalyptus Tea- this antiviral, antifungal, and antispasmodic drink can eliminate sore throats, colds, and the flu. Not to mention treat aching muscles and stiff joints.


  • Thanks so much! I'm just coming down with a sore throat!!

  • Thanks its always good to go for a natural remedy instead of loading your body up with drugs!

  • I take my "flu shot" every morning with a little ginger in my smoothie. Ginger is anti-viral and anti bacterial. It's high anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for a sore throat and nasal congestion too.

    There was one time I was really really sick like the sickest I have ever been. I slept for like 14 hours straight, my tongue was white and inflamed, and my throat was swollen so much swallowing hurt, and after being unable to eat for a few days I lost 8 pounds. Then on a whim I took a ginger shot of 1/4 tsp minced garlic (mushed with spoon), 1/4 tsp ginger powder, mixed in soymilk then taken like a shot. My throat felt instant relief and I took one shot every like 6 hours and I recovered really fast

  • I have had great success with ginger and garlic too! When I feel like a bit of congestion is coming on, I drink fresh ground ginger tea. I have been fortunate that I haven't gotten a bad case of the flu or cold lately, and am hoping that continues. But, in the past I kicked out a deep chest cold with mushed garlic.

    Also- gargling with apple cider vinegar kicks a slight soar throat out quickly.

  • cuddlescuddles Raw Newbie

    I have rarely been sick since I started raw vegan and raw juicing.

    I still sometimes get a mild flu but the symptoms are minimal and the virus passes very quickly.

    I normally do the following:

    * I cease the consumption of all solid food.

    * I drink warming potassium rich homemade broths, with plenty of garlic, ginger and other immune boosting herbs.

    * I drink plenty of vegetable juices, room temperature filtered water, and caffeine-free herbal plain teas.

    * I sometimes have a hot toddy. A hot toddy is freshly squeezed orange juice & lemon juice, gently warmed in a saucepan on the stove, add a nip of the best quality brandy you can afford and half a teaspoon of active plus manuka honey, then sip slowly. It doesn

  • Cuddles: How do you make the broths? I fear I am coming down with a little cold and I have been craving ginger all day, so a ginger (and/or garlic) broth sounds like just the thing. Thanks :)

  • grapefruit.fanaticgrapefruit.fanatic Raw Newbie

    Thank you for all the tips! I'm fighting a bad cold now, so I'll have to go get some of this stuff.

  • I found out by coincidence that tamarind works really well against a sore throat. I later googled it and found that I wasn't the first one to discover this!

  • Rawemotions, that's pretty cool because I love tamarind I bet I could make a raw tamarind chutney with dates and eat it with flax crackers....Ooooo thanks for the info & idea :)

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