Pregnant and heartburn


I am 6 weeks pregnant with my fourth baby. I am trying to eat raw and have a natural pregnancy. The one main problem I have right now is the heartburn. I am turned off of food all together because it I have heart burn 24/7. I am drinking ginger and lemon tea but if anyone know of anything else that will help PLEASE let me know !!!


  • If you are taking your prenatal vitamins in the morning, try switching them to before you go to bed (some people get terrible heart burn from the prenatal vitamins, not sure why?) I never got heartburn, just a queezy, nausea most of the day. The only thing that worked for that was the old standby of saltine crackers. Seriously if I didn't have a few first thing in the morning, I couldn't get out of bed. If you do have that problem, maybe a raw dehydrated cracker would work instead. I know nausea isn't a problem, but it may be eventually. Something to keep in mind. Many women really have hard times going all raw when pregnant from what I see on this site. I would encourage you to eat, even if it's not raw. If you have an empty stomach a lot of the time because of the heartburn, it will contribute to more heartburn (the digestive acids don't have anything to do). Kind of a vicious cycle. Even if you can't get something raw down, I would eat a little something every few hours. A cracker/bread type of thing may seriously help with the heartburn. I know some raw foodists don't eat any grains, but you may want to explore along those lines (whether raw or not).

    Once you get that heartburn and turn off from food taken care of, you may have more success with fruits and veggies. If I hadn't been pregnant myself years ago (over 10 years now) I would have never believed how strong of food aversions can be when pregnant.

    You can always return to raw foods after the food aversions go away (or after the pregnancy if it's that way the whole time).

    Hopefully someone else has a good remedy for you._

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    First off, congratulations! I have always found papaya enzyme helpful for heartburn when I have been pregnant. Also, drinking some raw nut milk can give the acids in the stomach something to work on, which will decreas the chance of heartburn. Hopefully you find some relief soon!

  • Thank you so much for the advice...i will try anything at this point. I can't believe how bad it is for being only 6 weeks ! I was talking to the worker at my health food store and she said that it's because of the Progesterone in my body from the pregnancy ...I'll keep you posted on what helps :)

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