Has anyone bought a Vita Mix from the US for use in Europe?

Has anyone bought a Vita Mix from the US for use in Europe?

Does anyone know the difference between the Vita Mix you buy in US (110 V) and the one you can find on the European market (220 V).

Is it two different machines or is it like a switch inside the motor that decides if its going to use 110 or 220 Volt. (So that you can do it manually).

The vita mix is really expensive in Europe, so I could save a lot from buying it from the states. But then I have to use a converter. Anyone with experience from using a converter on this machine? Or can you use a converter from 110 v too 220 v on the vitamix 5200? I really don't have any good experience from using converters in the past - they seem to have really bad quality...

Would be very glad for insights on this issue! Thanks.


  • I have never seen a kitchen appliance here in the USA that has dual voltages. I would be very surprised if your Vitamix is any different.

    It has been my understanding that Europe not only uses a different voltage (220Volts), but also a different frequency (50 hertz instead of our 60 hertz).

    Personally, the chance of having "fireworks", having to get a converter and all- I would think you would be better just getting the proper one for your area. If you "fry" your cheaper USA version, you will have to still buy a European one when all is said and done.

  • VitaMix is an international company. From their website click on International, then select the appropriate country from the drop down menu. You'll find several European countries listed there.

  • Thanks. I know of many European countries that sell the Vita Mix, its just that its so expensive. In US you can get it for 549 $, (and less) in Europe the price is 110 $. But it is probably better to buy the right one- it feels like it is a lifetime investment so it will be worth the money.

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