chef Ito, au lac resteraunt

WOW! wait let me reiterate..WOW! went to Au Lac in Orange County CA today with the raw meet up group …my first outing with them and first time to try Chef Itos creations. I met a ton of nice people, but the best part is, the food, luckily everyone was into sharing, so i tried all sorts of fab stuff. i myself had the creamy chow mein, i tried the paella(which i will get next time) oh,and by the by there was that wild mexican rice stuff(per cilantros) all over the place in alot of dishes!!! it is sprouted and is raw according to chef( as told through his waiter as he is silent by choice,buddhist i think, for 6 years now) he came out to see all of us and even filled our water glasses! he recieved a round of applause too, what a great place, it also serves vietnamese/chinese vegan fare, so hubby was very happy with his kung pao unchicken! also tried a great brocolli dish that was italiany kinda, and triple pyramid which defys explanation, the tropical smoothie devine ….next trip back up two hours in trafic, soon!!!!! yum~


  • That sounds so great. How interesting about the chef! If you find out more about the mexican rice that would be neat to read about. What a great set up! My boyfriend had sweet and sour unchicken when we went out and I was so proud of him.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to move to the USA!!! I want to eat raw paella too!!

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