Master Cleanse w/ Honey instead of Maple

Putting off the master cleanse....why am I doing that?

Ok, I hate to feel like I'm starving!

I'm hypoglycemic as well so that's a double wammy.

Then I tried it once morning and the maple syrup was not for me- ewwww....

What motivates you guys to do it for 7 to 10 days?

Does anyone do it with Honey- I can't do it with Maple...won't I have about the same nutrition as honey? Raw honey that is?


  • It probably will and raw local honey is good for you--local treat allergies actually, however NOT vegan, if you're strict. I'm also interested in this and hope to check out more responses....I'm really curious about raw agave or stevia with the master cleanse. Does anyone know about that?

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