Transitioning While nursing?

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My husband and I just went completely vegan. I haven't eaten dairy in about 6 months, soy in 4 months, and eggs in 2 months. I have an 8 month old son who is exclusively nursing, and I've found out that he is allergic/sensitive to these foods. (Also shellfish, really bad... broke out in a rash everywhere! Yikes!) The more these things come up, the more I'm convinced that I just need to eat raw. As of today, I'm on a fruit, veggies, beans, and brown rice only diet. He is still very constipated, so I am trying to rule out the problem foods. I'm not completely ready to go all raw for a couple of reasons. Number 1, I don't have the COMPLETE desire to give up cooked food yet. I'd say I'm at about 70% there. Also, I am breastfeeding, and I don't want to risk my son being exposed to a lot of toxicity through my milk. I have been eating only fresh fruit for breakfast every morning for the past year, at least, and that has helped tremendously. Now, for the past few months, I started eating a head of organic romained lettuce for lunch every other day. I hope to be eating that every day by my sons first birthday is May. These steps are being ingrained into me, and are sticking, which right now feels better than just trying to go raw all at once.

Has anyone here had experience with transitioning to raw while nursing? I really would like some "been there, done that" advice. Please let me know.

I'm slowly learning new things, but it's nice to hear about other's successes, and failures even. Thank you all!



  • I have a bit of personal experience on the topic. I have a girl who is nearly 1 1/2 and I transitioned to about 70% raw a couple months ago. I also worried about toxins in the breast milk, which is one reason I'm not 100%. I didn't get any detox symptoms that I know of, but I've been raw in the past too. The general advice when people get detox symptoms such as nausea, headaches, or fatigue is to do things to release the toxins from the body. For example a water edema was highly recommended by the Ann Wigmore Institute (when I took their course in Puerto Rico 9 years ago) and of course drinking lots of liquids. I recommend staying away from diuretics, such as coffee and alcohol, which will dehydrate you.

    Of course your situation is different because your child is much younger and still exclusively nursing. My daughter is eating a lot of solid foods, but still wants to nurse many times throughout the day. I guess you could wait until he is eating more solid foods if you are really concerned or if you experience strong detox reactions.

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