New To Forum :)

Hello all! Happy New Year!

I have been a raw foodie for about 5 years now. Started on my raw Path to heal from Lyme Disease, CFS and allergies. I was tired, sick constantly, overweight, and had been this way for YEARS. Once I found out what I was dealing with, I started investigating raw.It took a while, struggles included, and definitely dealth with a learning curve! Now I feel great, have become a raw food coach so I can help others to discover the wonderful benefits of raw food! It has been amazingly healing and I cannot imagine living any other way. I also had my kids on a 100% raw food path for about 6+ months to heal them from candida, food allergies, and digestive issues. We are going to be 'revisiting' that lifestyle for them on a more permanent basis as they have developed some new issues I know raw food will help. :)

I live in Northern MA and am also an ultrarunner(running races longer than a marathon) and I do it fueled on raw foods! Green smoothies, to be exact :)

Looking forward to meeting you all!


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