Sorta new here

Just wanted to introduce myself, been here for about a 1-2 months. Lets see I'm 31 now I went vegetarian when I was about 17 and vegan about 4-5 years later. Always been a healthy eater although thats not what brought me to become a vegan. Decided to start eating raw and things off the raw diet mainly because I would see pictures and meet people who were raw and try their foods and was blow away by the creativity and how good it all tasted. So being raw to me is more about creativity and exploration than about the health side (although thats a really nice benefit). I am really enjoying making my own foods I feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen with all my sprouting jars and rare ingredients, using the cookbooks more a guide since I tend to start thinking of how I can make something different (sometimes it's due to me not having an ingredient or some ingredient costing tons of $$$). But ya it's been fun I do still eat cooked foods from time to time, mostly cooked bean soups because I've always made those and I can make some good ones, some Indian food and some granola here and there. But ya that about sums up my raw foodness. Oh ya I live in Greensboro, NC if anyone is from the area give me a shout.




  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Hey, welcome!!! I would advise transitioning and eating/preparing the processed raw as you please, but be careful on the fat intake of those "raw" nuts, oils, avocadoes, coconuts, etc. I have seen raw eaters eat some greens (low calories) and fat and their fat ratio was like 80% of calories. Not good!!!!

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