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Ok, so I’ve been suffering from quite severe acne for a almost 10 years now. I know my pic doesn’t look like it, but trust me on this, it’s not just something I’m saying. My back and face constantly breaks out and I’ve tried pretty much every single skincare product out there, including Proactiv, Clinique and even laser treatment aswell as Dead Sea Products. Let’s just say it’s cost my parents a small fortune and could probably have sent me halfway through college. LoL!

I did notice an improvement after going vegetarian and a more noticable improvement after I went vegan, but I’m still not satisfied. My condition is more than likely caused by me suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which I have also noticed has improved after going vegan. I hardly ever have attacks anymore and if I do it’s when I’ve had some really spicy food.

But… I went on a 15-day detox programme and I had great faith it would make my skin pretty much perfect but it didn’t. My bowels have never moved easier in my life on the other hand, but my skin is still not where I want it to be.

When I thought I had an overgrowth of Candida before I was diagnosed with IBS I went through a three month period where I didn’t TOUCH sugar in any form. Not even fruits I ate and I felt somewhat deprived so when I thought I was well again I went back to eating fruits, but then my skin jumped right back to being fugly.

I’m in quite desperate need of advice here. I don’t want to cut out fruit completely from my diet, I love it and would feel incredibl deprived if I was to live on a raw veg diet only. My boyfriend suffered from Eczema and Psoriasis and he’s been going to a acupunturist and says it’s helped him alot (We live in different countries atm)

Any advice, any experiences?



  • joyjoy

    Here is a tip from a (Japanese) friend: always drink a large glass of water when eating chocolate or nuts (and don’t eat those things every day). I rarely remembered to do this, but it did work.

    For me, I tend to break-out when my liver is overloaded. My guess would be that a detox program would make the breakouts worse before they got better—kind of a cleansing reaction. The stuff has to be eliminated in some manner and your skin is one of your body’s organs of elimination.

    You also want to be careful not to overdo it with cleansers and exfoliation because you can actually stimulate oil production and make things worse.

    Best wishes!


  • I dont eat either chocolate or nuts really… but drink lots of water.

  • if it is the liver, try a daily carrot-beet juice. it’s very detoxifying, specifically for the liver.

  • Hi Marie, I know what it is like to suffer from acne…I had good skin growing up but when I hit 26 whammo..adult acne..I am now 35 years old, and am just now getting a handle on it…what has helped me? Take some good probiotics.ex.acidophilus etc…I take some every day..drink kefir if you can for extra help in that area as well. I am a vegan, so I made raw coconut kefir. It is labor intensive, but it helped. Also, a big change happened when I started juicing, and drinking 1-2 big juices a day. I drink a green juice. Kale, green apple, cucumber (great for skin), burdock root,(great for skin) ginger, celery, sometimes lettuce and sometimes fresh tumeric if I can get it. It has helped a lot. Also, I started using a skincare line called Mychelle…which has helped a lot as well. My skin doesn’t break out daily now, and the redness is fading,it looks 100% better then it used to. Watch out for sugars and think about getting some supplements for your liver…”liver rescue” is a good one. You could also add a green powder to your daily intake..spirulina or a mix of green powders…something like “vitamineral green”. Those are some things that have helped me….. good luck!!

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Eat mostly fruit and a large salad at night time if you want. Also try to get your hands on some probiotics like vegchef mentioned above. Try out kombucha! www.gtskombucha.com

  • here are two product links to take a look at acne – http://www.canderm.com/page.asp?intNodeID=8078&...:action-sList_class-4293,194614_intCurID-13_sPos-0; psoriasis – http://www.relievaforpsoriasis.com/ i am not sure on the vegan status of these products but have heard great things so they may be worth a look

  • ZaZa

    If you don’t eat 100% raw, make sure at least you don’t eat anything with lactose or gluten in it – those are big skin irritants: gluten makes skin red and itchy, lactose inflames. Also watch your food combining – try to eat one food at a time, or at least, simplify as much as possible your dietary intake. Also, try organic virgin coconut oil: put it on your skin and eat some too: the stuff’s a godsend. Be patient: detox can take time, but there’s no surer path to clear skin.

  • Hey guys, thanks for all the great replies! I’ve started seeing an Doctor of Chinese Herbal medicine and so far so good… I met a woman at his office today and she said he was amazing and she had been going to him for 10 years! Apparently she had skin just like mine but he had helped her out and she said her scarring even went away almost… So he gave me this utterly repulsive Herbal drink and we’re doing acu and he seems really keen on helping me out!

    I’m becoming worse and worse at eating raw tho, which upsets me because I’d really like to!!! I need a millitant coach I think.. Or maybe just a brand new attitude… Oh well, thanks again for replies, and where can I get virgin cocnut oil???

  • The best detox for the liver that I know is dandelion,celery and cucumber juice.

  • try using coconut oil organic of course you can get this at most health food stores whole foods has it too. look for the one with the most ,yes the most saturated fat some are 63% some are more eat, yes eat (itll detox ou from the inside and clear up your skin) 2-4 tablespoons a day its not easy gettin it down but the results are amazing

  • I’ve heard of using only natural products and I’m just now transitioning into using only things I can eat on my skin. I noticed in the past that when I did use chemicals like benzoyal peroxide and salyicic acid my skin would just get worse. But I’m afraid that something like coconut or olive oil will clog my pores?

    Also, is there a period when one is starting to get more and more raw that the skin detoxs? I don’t know if my breakouts are actually detox.

  • I had bad acne too (all through high school and off and on in my twenties and a bit into my thirties). I went through all sort of medicines too. The thing that really trumped it was Accuntane (not recommending it of course). I still got some acne after it but nothing like I had before.

    Anyway, I still get a little blemish every now and than but I stopped washing my face and body with soap about a month ago and I am just using straight water now. For moisturizer (which I rarely use since my skin isn’t dry), I use coconut oil. I was worried at first that it would make me break out but it does just the opposite – I really think it helps get rid of blemishes.

    I also use MSM lotion on my face – and my acne scars are so much smoothier and I swear they almost disappearing. My skin looks tighter too. The MSM helps the pimples too.

    Acne is normally detox – it is possible to be allergic to something to breakout from it – but I don’t think it is possible that pores actually get “clogged” from something you put on your skin. They get clogged from the skin producing too much sebum and from dead skin cells – Acne is from the body trying to push something OUT of it. Since coconut oil is a food, it is absorped by the skin – just you would eat it.

  • You could try the Doug Graham diet. It’s a matter of choices, either you accept some acne and more toxic food or clean pure food and no acne. Spices and all of the excitotoxins will cause acne as well as fruits and other sugars when you are eating too much fat. You decide the best balance for yourself.

    Another thing worth trying is a water fast. It should clean your acne and other problems up in just a couple of days.

  • SoCal – ever since you posted a few threads about the 80/10/10 diet I’ve been searching, hoping to find the book in a book or health store but no such luck! I guess I’ll jsut have to cave and order it online, just wanted to look at it before buying it. I’ve been reading many things lately about natural healing/eating and acne…basically talking about what you just suggested…and most of it I’ve been doing my whole life (I started eating very healthy since 6th grade, I’m 21 now), even more so since I’ve been raw.

    However, I think that my coffee/tea, although it’s not often, my cause my flare ups because my system is so unaccustomed to these “toxins”(whereas a standard American may not notice anything unless they drink many cups a day).

    I think it’s mainly detox,and I’ve taken out any cleansers/moisturizers that I can’t eat soooo…

    But I love what you said “decide the best balance for yourself”. I completely agree with this sentiment, if anything a personal balance is how I try to arrange my lifestyle :)

    I lvoe this website!!

  • oh yes and I just returned from buying some organic coconut oil for my face (I think I’ll just olive oil for my body…), so wish me luck!!

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