Compare the Montel Williams Health Master Blenders with the Vita Mix 4500 Turbo Blender and OMNI Ble

You can't ignore the fact that Vita Mix has been in business making quality blenders for over 80 years. I repeatedly however get phone calls from customers that don't want to spend the $ 400+ dollars for it. To the other hand, the Montel Health Master blender appears really price-attractive. And with that incorrectly categorized blender, customers call me all the time, thinking I am Health Master... "Where do I return this blender too...?"

Price should not be the first determinant for choosing a good blender. Of course, if you don't have the money, you might be in a tight spot. Waiting and saving may be better than just buying the first best and cheapest blender. The Health Master at the end will cost more money. Even if you have a container blade rust and bearing failure under warranty and the Tristar will send you a replacement, they are not doing it for free. Yes, you have to pay $ 25.00 for the shipping.

The OMNI blender from Taiwan has been the result of the Health Master Price Point inspiration. I wish there were more good quality high performance blenders available in the $ 250 to $ 300 price range. The OMNI has a 2 hp blending yield with a 3 hp motor. Of course, it does not have nearly the brand recognition that Vita Mix has to show for. But still, $ 55.00 less than the Vita MI 4500 TB Blender, the OMNI is attractive for many raw food blender beginners.

Back to the Health Master Consideration, not everything is bad about it. It is true it can rust easily. Just don't put the container into the dishwasher, and dry it out right away after rinsing / using it. As long as you know what to expect from the Health Master Blender, it will be able to handle your smoothie requirements for a good year. It is not a 2 hp blender though. But for that you are paying less. And while other blenders are just little more than the Health Master and have also a much better warranty, the Health Master can be bought on a mere down payment of $ 79. I don't want to come across you as if I want to just talk bad about this blender. But who am I kidding... I get all the interesting phone calls and emails from customers who bought the Health Master blender.

Regarding hot soup, the health master has even a pressure steam valve on top of its lid. Think about that for a moment.... hot soup, so hot that steam has to be released through a pressure valve....????? This is a contradiction with the Raw Food Commandment number 1 "Eat Raw". Cooking will destroy the nutrients. The hotter the soup the less valuable nutrients are alive. I suggest, start out with warm water about 90+ degrees F warm and blend your ingredients in your blender about 20 to 30 seconds and your soup is done. Otherwise, if hotter than 110 degrees or 105, you might as well just nook it or destroy your ingredients on the stove full blast at 160 to 170 degrees..... I just wanted to mention this.

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  • I have the Healthmaster 1200 Watt Blender And love it accept its very load. It may not be as powerful as some other brands, but it works good for me. I priced the more powerful brands and they were $399.00 and up. I had my limit not wanting to make payments. I paid $200.00 for it. No shipping charge or $40.00 for up graded 1200 watt motor that some people stated. Motor has lifetime replacement. I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $200.00

  • I'd like to have a Vitamix, but for $20 I've had my blender over a year and it's still going. Might not be as tough as the top brands(it can't handle ice), but I get by with it just fine.

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