Raw juice at Whole Foods

Evidently, Whole Foods carries raw (unpasteurized) juice. It is their own brand (365), comes in a plastic 1 quart container, says "fresh squeezed" on the front, and, unlike their other juices, says nothing about pasteurization anywhere. It looks great. Its expiration date is very soon which is another indicator of it being raw. I got the tangerine juice. It is delicious. I am very happy about this. It is perhaps treated some other way, but I feel fine after drinking it, yay


  • Thats awesome!! What section of W.F did you find it in?

  • It was in with all the other juices.

  • is it expensive?

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    Hmm.... I work at Whole Foods. I do not believe my store has anything like that (and we have a huge Raw section). Best thing to do would be to ask the dairy manager about the product. If it does not say on the package I would be a bit on the cautious side.



  • It is $5 for a quart. I have uploaded a picture of it here. My friend asked the manager and they said that if it was pasteurized then it would clearly state so. And, he said he felt good after drinking it and he's pretty sensitive. I think it could be treated some other way, like with UV rays which I don't know much about - what do you guys think?

    P.S. Notice the expiration date - I purchased it today (1/6), and it expires in less than two weeks (1/16). That short shelf life seems like an indicator of being unprocessed

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