Actual Raw agave?!

I know there was some debate over whether or not you could get RAW agave. Many people said it was a lot like maple syrup – that you couldnt get it sweet unless it was heated. I dont use agave a lot, but when i do i was trying to find some that was closer to its natural state. I found a company that claims that agave can be reduced at lower temps (specifically under 118F) that it just takes longer. I picked up a bottle today to try.. heres the company’s statement. I emailed them, and they confirmed it was true. <shrug> ill have to take them at their word, but it would be nice to think its possible! just wanted to share…

“Specially produced at temperatures below 118 degrees F to minimize enzymatic breakdown and deliver a full, natural flavor, Organic Raw Blue Agave Nectar is perfect for everyone, including raw-food enthusiasts! This amber nectar has a distinct and delicious flavor that genuinely enhances foods’ natural sweetness. It is 25% sweeter than sugar, so less is needed. It is certified Organic and GMO-Free, and appropriate for vegan and plant-based diets. It is stable, non-crystallizing and quick dissolving. And it has a fantastic taste! (


  • Alissa Cohen sells on her site what she claims is TRUELY Raw Agave. Apparently all the others out there that say raw are heated above the allowed raw foodist temps.

  • There is no regulation for RAW. They could say they are heated at low temps…but who is checking? There is no Raw Certification process.

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