What kind of soil is best for wheatgrass trays?

I just received wheatgrass seeds and trays in the mail. I went to OSH and the only organic soil they had was by MiracleGro. It had sterilized poultry litter in it and I think I don't want that anywhere near food I am growing :P What kind of soil is best to use and is it hard to find? Thanks!!


  • I just discovered STG pads. Sure to grow is what that stands for. They are biodegradable and a great growing medium for wheat grass and sprouts. I am also growing some basil and it is doing really well. I think if you Google them you can find them. I order them in bulk for my business but they might sell smaller amounts or direct you to a grower. I won't use anything else now!

  • Last week I went to a nursery and asked them if they had some potting soil for me to grow some wheatgrass in the kitchen. She put two pounds in a bag and said it would be great. It looks and smells fine to me. It may be compost that they make themselves but I don't know. I figure it is safe enough because I told her I was planning to use the soil for wheatgrass.

    I soaked some 'kamut' a week ago and put it on the soil and it is doing fine. About 5 inches tall and tastes quite sweet, not as bland as store-bought. Without a juicer, I just cut enough off to wad up in my hand, put in my mouth and chew a while, then spit out. It is very tasty.

    I have a lot of forest property where I live so if it wasn't winter I would of just dug up some soil. Next time I am near that nursery I'll ask her whats in it and if I'm not happy with the ingredients then I'll just have to get out the shovel and dig through some snow here.

    Best Wishes, Gil.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    I use seventh generation unbleched recycled paper towels. One on the bottom in the tray, the other on top. The roots cling to the bottom napkin as they grow, the top keeps them shaded until thwey sprout. It prevents the mess if the tray gets knocked over (I have cats). And I used diluted sea salt water to water them. I have the ratios for using celtic salt written down somewhere if anyone needs it. It gives them all their minerals and prevents rot, but you do have to have the right ratio or you'll burn the plants.

  • I see that this thread was actually started several months back but I love wheatgrass and I've been considering doing some organic gardening, so why not jump in ... LOL.

    I am not sure where to get "real" organic soil; maybes someone working at a local health food store in the area would know?

    Right now I get my organic wheatgrass juice in powder form from Sweet Wheat, it's Oregon Tilth certified organic so everything's good in that department. www.sweetwheat.com

    Let me know if you know where to get soil though. Thanks.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    I use Vermiculite or "baby blanket" I get from sproutpeople.com, but have-mersey, the paper towels sounds interesting would like to know more, how many layers do you use?

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