Does raw food extend fertility?

If you eat raw, will you be able to extend your fertility till much later? I am kind of curious about this b/c I feel like one day I might want kids, but not any time soon. What is the oldest age that one can still become pregnant?

I have tried to research this a bit online and it seems like the deadline really is late 30's and that there is very little hope in the 48-50 range. I know that women are born with a certain amount of eggs, but isn't there a way to keep them healthy and usable?

I mean, if every cell in the body supposedly replaces itself in 7 years, why not eggs?

Do you have to put your eggs on ice before you hit 35 so that you can save them for later?


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    Jinjee of The Garden Diet had her last baby at 40 (her choice to not have anymore children). I have a couple of friends (omnivores) who have had children at 38 and beyond, and a friend who is 46 and having difficulty conceiving, but every woman is unique.

    You'll get a better idea of what to expect by talking to the older women in your family about their pregnancies and anything they experienced while trying to conceive and at what ages. You're more likely to have similar experiences than by comparison to other women.

    I am taking a leap here by assuming you might be young enough to not really have to worry about this right now. As long as you continue towards optimal health, there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to conceive at a later age, barring any medical conditions that would interfere with conception.

    Conception involves a number of factors and eggs play a role, but eggs don't run the show. Freezing your eggs for later will not make you more likely to conceive, and that isn't necessary unless, again, a medical condition would interfere with conception (like chemo, for example).

    There are lots of reasons older women have trouble conceiving: diet, lifestyle, health, and genetics all play a role.

    Keep your mind, body, and spirit in good shape, get regular gynecological screenings, and enjoy where you are right now.

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