Eczema and Candida

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks to all who posted some helpful tips and advice about eczema and raw foods and treatments. I will give them all a try! From my research, I'm beginning to wonder if my eczema is possibly linked to some candida. I never really looked into it before, but I have taken several rounds of antibiotics and prednisone over the past year for some serious sinus infections (I usually try to avoid take meds like these, but in this case it could not be avoided). I seem to have many symptoms of candida. So....I guess now I'm wondering if anyone has experienced both some eczema associated with candida and if raw foods helped, or what helped in general. I'm starting to cut out anything that would further progress the candida and started taking a yeast combating supplement found at a health food store. Any more tips and advice would be great! Thanks to all!


  • nsns

    My sinus infections were helped significantly with nasal irrigation - neti. Do a google on it. My doctor gave me a round of antibiotics in the beginning and then suggested I do the nasal rinse every day. And it has really helped a lot.

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    Thanks ns. I do already religiously do nasal irrigation. Doctor thought it could all be mold related, which is could be. I'm still a bit skeptical tho....

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