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No weight loss?

Hi Everyone. I've been reading the forums for a few weeks and was encouraged to join because of the wonderful feedback and supportive environment. I'm new to raw and had a question.

I've been trying to move from a SAD diet to a vegan/raw diet over the past few weeks. I try to eat as raw as possible through lunch. A typical day includes a raw smoothie (fruit and water or almond milk, a banana and hemp powder) and fruit for breakfast (pineapple and mango, eaten separately), raw veggies and raw salad dressing for lunch (tomatos, 1/2 an avocado, peppers and zucchini), some raw nuts, and a for dinner either a smoothie (banana with almond butter) or eziekiel bread with tofu or a salad.

I feel great and have a ton more energy. But no weight loss. Anyone else experience this? I've read many posts that talk about weight loss. I'm trying to eat as raw as possible for better health so the weight loss issue is not of utmost importance. But it would be nice to lose a few pounds.

Thanks in advance for your response.


  • If weight loss is not of utmost importance I would just enjoy what you are eating and give it some time because everyone's body adjusts differently. Question though are you still eating dairy? I remember when I went from vegetarian to vegan a few years back and thats when I dropped a ton of weight practically over night, it's like the cheese and other dairy was just hanging out in my belly just accumulating and when I stopped eating it my body could finally digest it or something.

    Alot of people are lactose intolerant and depending of your heritage some races are 90-100% of the pop lactose intolerant. There are alot of people that are lactose intolerant and still drink milk and eat cheese. Sometimes the symptoms can be very severe and people will have stomach aches and sometimes it causes alot of bloating and gas so some people can still eat dairy and be lactose intolerant.

    But ya just give it some time since you said you are transitioning over you are still eating SAD types of food. But remember that the transition is an important time too so don't rush it because you could get frustrated and go back since eating SAD is very convenient and easy for many westerners.

  • Do you know how many calories you're consuming every day?

    I'm not a calorie cruncher, but there is a relationship between the number of calories consumed daily vs weight maintenance/gain/loss.

    If you've been eating raw for more than 2 weeks and haven't lost any weight -- but also have NOT gained any weight, than you're eating enough to maintain your current size.

    What is your level of physical activity? Do you take walks every day or do something strenuous to get your heart rate and blood pressure up? Increased physical activity can raise your metabolism and help get the unwanted pounds off.

    Something to consider.

  • The same thing happened to me, I cut back on all the sugary fruits - and that seemed to do the trick. I still do juice or a smoothie for breakfast but then for lunch and snack throughout the day, i focus on greens and veggies. I still have tons of energy but a flatter tummy :) Everyone's body is different but there's my 2 cents!

  • Good point. The body will store sugar as fat if it is not used in a certain amount of time. Regular exercise makes it all the more important here.

  • I know exactly how you feel! I've been eating mostly raw for almost 2 weeks now and I haven't lost any weight and I still feel bloated most of the time. It's really frustrating because you would think that even if you eat the same number of calories with healthy raw food you would still lose weight then with gross junk/fast food. I'm not overweight but I do have extra fat that needs to go! I do feel better though and I want health to be my main priority not weight loss. I read about how others lose unwanted weight and I was hoping for those same results but I guess everyone's body is different. We just gotta embrace all the other positive effects of a raw lifestyle :)

  • Thanks so much for the responses! Veghealthcoach, I generally eat about 1200 - 1400 calories per day and exercise 5 days per week (approx. 30 minutes each day) using my trampoline. It's definitely a cardio workout! I'll take Kitty's suggestion and try less sugary fruits and see what happens. Spitfiredd, I'll also try to ease into the transition so I don't get frustrated.

    Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you all online!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    There's a big difference in my opinion from mostly raw to raw. I don't lose weight and even gain when I eat any cooked food. However I lose weight or maintain a lower weight when I eat raw only. When I eat ANY cooked food, it causes me to want to eat more. Plus it has a lot more calories and fewer nutrients.

  • I'm the EXACT same way, Bitt. I gained weight when I went backed to cooked food-it was like an addiction. I know now that it was the chemicals in the food that had me hooked, and I've made the conscious decision to be raw and STAY raw. It's only been a couple days, but i already feel liberated. The weight will go away when my body is ready to let go. It may be a day, a week, a month, or even 5 months-I just have unwavering faith that this is the right path for me, and that my body will respond positively.


  • Try to keep in mind that you're transitioning to more than just raw foods, but a new way of thinking and relating to food. You're attempting to undo years of what your parents taught you about food and how you chose to relate to fod when you became responsible for feeding yourself. Your body is trying to figure out what the hell is going on, and your mind may collaborate on the defense.

    For those of you who want to lose weight but are not seeing any results, keep track of your water intake, and consider keeping a food diary.

    Yes, fruits and veggies have a high water content and eventually you'll get to the point where you won't have to drink a lot of water, but during your transition, you need to help your body stay hydrated and release any water weight.

    A food diary is also helpful to understand why you eat what you eat when you eat. Track the time, mood, and reason for choosing the food you ate.

    After a week, you can look over it to see if you're eating too much of one thing, or not enough of another.

    And remember, if you want to lose weight, you'll either have to restrict 500 calories a day or burn an extra 500 calories a day.

    3500 calories=1 pound

    Good Luck.

  • hi everyone

    i'm kinda in the same situation as pursegirl. i've been a vegetarian, mostly vegan for like 10 years. i'm not heavy but i do have some unwanted vanity pounds that need to get shed. i also was feeling low energy and always hungry. i have been raw since the new year started. at first i was eating a few cooked things at dinner time like lentils, but now not even that. i'm 90% or more raw.

    a typical day for me is to eat a green smoothie for breakfast. sometimes i have a bowl of fruit and flaxseed/chia seed/ or walnuts instead. or some essene bread with the green smoothie. lunch, i eat nori with some avocado, cucumber, spinach, red peppers onions, and some nut/nutritional yeast pate. or i eat a big spinach salad with this combo of stuff on it. snacks are fruit, water, green tea. dinner, usually some variation of the ingredients i had at lunch, or a slice of essene bread. i usually have a total of three green smoothies a day. dessert - i will eat some apple, figs and walnuts with agave drizzled over. i do juice celery and cucumber from time to time but not regularly since i'm not home much.

    i havent lost any weight since starting this. obviously that is not hte only reason - i have much more energy and feel fuller. bowel function is awesome. but i see raw people all the time that look really lean and fit and i want to get there. i hoola hoop daily, do yoga couple days of the week, mountain bike, hike, kayak and rock climb, and usually do a four mile walk with my dogs daily. any suggestions?


  • Don't forget to look at the amount of fat you intake!

    Many think that since it is raw fat it doesn't matter. That just isn't true, especially if you are still eating cooked food!

    The total fat intake for the day does make a difference!

  • The body isn't trying to figure out 'what the hell is going on.'

    The body knows, and is much smarter than anyone on this forum is led to believe. Foods do not heal the body. The body heals the body, given it's NATURAL foods, it will heal itself. A diet high in sugary fruits and low in fat is simply the best way to lose weight.

    Give it a go!

  • Thanks to all who have commented. I'm going to try to reduce my fat consumption and see if that works. I've been eating a lot of nuts and avocados as well as some raw cheese. Spitfiredd, I'm going to take your suggestion and lay off the cheese as well. I'm still transitioning and try to eat as raw as possible until dinner.

    This site has been an invaluable resource to me. I don't know if I'll ever be 100% raw but want to thank everyone for their suggestions.

  • Pursegirl, you mentioned that you did cardio exercise 5 days per week. Doing only cardio is not ideal if you wish to lose weight. I suggest adding some resistance training to gain more muscle, which increases your metabolism and helps burn more fat. Good luck!

  • You exercise 5 days a week and you only eat 1200-1400 calories? Is that right? Or is that after subtracting how much you burn during workouts+daily activities? Exercise is awesome, but doing the same workouts day in and day out won't challenge your body. Switch it up, and maybe add calories. I didn't see your height/weight stats posted so it's difficult to assist :) Also, pay attention to bathroom habits. Have you cleansed your body since quitting chemical foods? Is your liver in good shape? There is a lot that could be going on.


    Lol, this is 2011, isn't it? I wonder how this thread got to the active topic list...

  • I lost 10lbs in my first month transitioning. Then the following 2 weeks, when I was actually taking things a bit further down the raw road my weight stayed the same. Not what I was expecting but just decided to carry on for the health benefits, the weight loss not being my prime motivation anyway. Then suddenly lost a couple more pounds really quickly.

    Water retention? Temporary metabolism drop? Dodgy bathroom scales lol? Can't say I understand what's going on but I'm happy just to see how things go in the longer term.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie
    edited August 27

    Have you tried an online calorie counter such as fitday to check how much calories your getting. Many try to preach that by going raw alone you will achieve amazing weight loss this mainly happens because those cant manage to take in the same level of calories that they did on a standard diet.

    The healthiest way to lose weight is to do some moderate exercise.


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