The fruitarian cook

Hello lovely raw folks! I have started a blog to record my journey as a fruitarian, who is also a cook! I would love your comments! Hope to hear from you soon!



  • That's quite a story! Best of luck with your training!

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    811rv here. i also am a cook. I work at a restaurant. nice to meet you, even though my end goal is to get away from this.

  • Thank you Deadly steve! The59sound, are you on 30 bananas a day? What do you want to do insted?

  • liger99liger99 Raw Newbie

    we all have our contradictions


    You must have very strong will power. Very admirable. I'm proud of your accomplishments

  • THank you Liger99! It has been a long process, that is for sure!

  • Hello fellow uncooks! I would love for you to read my new blog! I have added another post! Hope to hear from you! Thanks all!

  • Any feed back would be very very much appreceated! I got a camera now! There are photos!!

    Thank you!@

  • Please please please come read and tell me what you think! New post up and running! Thanks!

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