Can you please help me to help my friend and her dog ,to be warm this winter!

Dear beautiful people,

I want to ask you your help for Wanda Vieira Wright,a beautiful woman of Indigenous origin in the USA,who recently became my friend.She needs money to give herself and her dog a warm home during the winter!Due to the terrible illegal firing from her job(she has got her job back now!),and healthproblems she had,i am asking you to help her financially,and because right now ,myself i am only able to give her 50 Dollars,which is not enough to cover the bills she needs to pay urgently!

You can read her story below.Something that is an unthinkable reality for all of us,and i hope this situation will pass very soon for her.

Let's T.E.A.M up:Together Everyone Achieves Miracles,and create a miracle for Wanda!

(I have included an email from her below).

Wanda lost her job at the end of 2009 when she was illegally fired !The good thing is,she has got her job back now already for a few weeks,but unfortunately she has been sick and in hospital for 3 times the past time.

I live in Belgium,Europe,and i am giving her the money through Paypal,which is almost at no costs(0,50 Dollars).

If you want to give Wanda money through Paypal,her emailadress is:

Here is a piece of an email i got from her,to let you know about her situation,and so you will know which bills she needs to pay now.

Wanda Vieria-wright January 12 at 5:08pm

Well I only get 26 t0 30 hrs of work and I brhind rent from dec my rent is 450. and she Landlord charges me 5 dolars a day late fee outragous owe 128 to my electric my my internet and land line is 167. water is 40 so there I have to heat the house with the electric space heaters and sometime the oven because the landlord has not fixed the insulation nor the big hole that just has a piece of ply wood to cover it I try my best to shut off the eztra room and Jasper my dog and I stay in main room the house is not inselated at all pretty much all the promises the landlord said were empty so Iam trying my best to pay all my check and which leave me stil behind Jerry and I talked and He know about the situation am looking for another place at least for my healths sake this has pretty much took me down I was in the hospital 3 times mostly the because of the drafty house and stress to be honest to my dear friend I have a tendency to hide and stuff my problems and stress and focus on the now and what i can do I have always prided my self of keeping up with my bills I did until what happened to me so that was than this is now i can not longer beat a dead horse that will not raise i hopre you are praying i really need the prays to our God I hear many i belive He sends angels and many are here and work through human beings you are the first really friend even to listen so I can just get out all the things and release them is a cherished blessing from my dear friend you are so wonderful just to be there like a sister i never had .thank you so muchmy tears are happy tears for you the tears will drop and water the eart to grow the seed of a new beginning thank you xoxox much love i give to you my dear friend Ange

Thank you very much!!!I am sure Wanda will appreciate any financial help a lot!

Much love and blessings of all that is good in abundance eternally!

Ange Vlasblom

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