Vegan DHA-- best kind?

rawjazzrawjazz Raw Newbie

Hi guys!

I've been looking into taking a DHA supplement for a while, just to experiment, and I'm wondering if anyone recommends a particular brand or kind of DHA? Has anyone had any success in taking DHA regularly?




  • Hi Janelle,

    I have been taking Dr. Joel Fuhrman's DHA Purity and have been very happy. It's a little more expensive that pills but I find it fresher when I smell it compared to the capsule supplements I used to take. It's in the form of a small brown bottle and an eye dropper. I keep it refrigerated to keep it fresh. Hope that helps. If you were looking for a capsule, I would recommend the Spectrum brand at Whole Foods.


  • macanoogiemacanoogie Raw Newbie

    What is DHA and why do you take it?

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