To All Coffee Lovers

I'm a recovering coffee and black tea lover. I've been off caffeine for MONTHS now and a few days ago I said, 'why not?" and had a cup. It felt like a DRUG. My mind was fuzzy, racing, I began to feel dizzy and anxious and very disoriented. Coffee is great when you're still drinking it, but one out of the blue HURTS.

I also found that being without caffeine has given me back an ability to stay awake to any hour and wake up at any hour; something that I could not have done while in my coffee days.

I also began drinking my fresh juices in a big coffee mug in the morning. I love seeing the green and orange froth on top! With the taste and energy it gives me, it's a much wiser choice than coffee and it fills the emotional need of wanting a cup of coffee out of habit.

I respect all the practicing coffee-lovers reading this and I'm simply offering a beautiful alternative.



  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    Yes. I used to drink about a pot per day (addicted student). It was crazy. I'd drink a cup right before going to sleep, no problem.

    But, it actually wasn't that hard to give up, once I was resolved.

    However, after then going raw for a while, I tried a cup during midterms. I'm sure there were other lingering factors as well, but I went from feeling great to became violently ill within a matter of hours. This lasted for 2 days. Didn't throw up, but I got terrible cramps and was bedridden the rest of the evening and following morning.

    Yeah, never again. Now I drink juices, tea, or seed milk. Or nothing, since I drink a lot of smoothies with a lot of water. Coffee is dead to me.

  • Wow, I know, coffee is a DRUG!! I am weening myself off, having a little trouble, but when I don't drink it for weeks I feel great, but then the dreaded first cup does me in. I think it's mostly social, I like to drink with friends, but maybe I should try it with fresh juice instead, thanks for the support!

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