Newbie & Nausea Question =]

Hi everyone!

This is my first post here so bare with me =]

I discovered "raw" after recovering from an eating disorder 2 years ago at the age of 17, and can honestly say it's saved my life. I'm not religiously raw as some of you guys are on here - meaning I have the odd cup off coffee here and there and I eat a meal of slow roasted vegetables every Sunday when I'm with my family, but I'd pretty much consider myself "raw".

This last few days though, I've wanted to go the whole way and go from being 70-80% raw to being 100%. I've found myself eating alot less, sleeping alot more, my mood has dropped somewhat and I'm constantly nauseated (and nausea is something that terrifies me!). I have put these things down to withdrawal/detox symptoms, but wanted to post on here to get other peoples opinions/experiences? Have any of you ever experienced this? How long did it last? And what did you do to combat this?


Lucie x


  • Fresh ginger is your friend, as are bananas. Banana + ginger smoothies? MAGIC! Ginger settles your stomach and bananas are also very soothing. Chewing on ginger without swallowing it is also helpful.

    Focus on eating more fruit and less everything else and you'll find that you're sleeping less and your mood will improve. Also - if you have a juicer or have access to a fresh, organic juice bar nearby, start stuffing yourself with juice! Juice speeds up detoxification, gives you an instant energy boost and gives your digestive system a break, which you may need if you've been going heavy(ish) on nuts/seeds and acidic veggies. Juice is also high in calories and will help give you the nutrition your body needs if you aren't able or are unmotivated to eat much. Smoothies are also fab if you're like me and you can chug-a-lug. You'll surprise yourself by how much goodness you can get into yourself in liquid form (I can take in over a liter in less than 5 minutes. It does a body good!)

    Also - go easy on yourself. Detox can be uncomfortable but don't let it discourage you. Rest when you need to rest but make sure you're EATING. If you don't feed yourself properly, detox will take longer than necessary and your body won't have what it needs to heal itself.

    Let us know how you're doing! x

  • could any one explain why people get nauseated from vege juicing and/or just fruit and vege juicing. Do most of j=you start off with small quantities to minimize the nausea. Is there a way to do this without the nausea? It doesn't seem healthy to consume something that makes me sick for 24 hours?? I wonder what your thoukghts are. Besides the detox idea what is it that is happening in our bodies that causes the nausea.?? Thanks for any one come back.

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