Again for 3 weeks!


I've been raw for a while, then stopped because i was in central america (and i am there still) and i tought that i was too restricted into the raw options I had.

Since a few months, I've been back to a vegetarian diet, but i stopped eating raw things, ,even if i was trying to have a 60-70% raw diet.

So I put a LOT of pounds, well lets say about 25 pounds since I stopped, which is a lot to me.... Also I stopped doing exercised because I have a super-full time seated (yeurk) job and full time school so i didint want to go and exercise after a complete day.

I will go back for 3 weeks as a 100% raw vegan diet to clean me and try to fit into my pants again. But, even if i put a lot of healthy pounds, i think that i feel so much better with myself now and im almost done with m eating disorders yeah!

I just wanna do these 3 weeks for me, to feel great again after, but i dont want to fall again in this crazy 100% raw vegan diet as a full lifestyle, its too much for me.

So I will try to keep up telling you whats up with me in the next 3 weeks!

See ya!



  • I know this is not the main point in your post. but as you do mention eating disorder, I cant help but worry that (not directly quoted!) ''just 3 weeks to loose weight then ...''

    if you feel now, that the raw vegan lifestyle is not for you, why not work on a healthy lifestyle that is for YoU?

    You are not critically overweight it sounds like, so it doesnt seem like its of big importance to your health that you loose this weight in three weeks, what could be of greater benefit to your health is a healthy lifestyle that will get you to and maintain the weight that is good for you. and of greater importance make you feel lush and magical!

    I might be reading into it too much, but I just wanted to share that with you.

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