How gradual is gradual enough to prevent severe detox?

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I'm going to be transitioning off a hospital tube-feed formula (made from chicken, cranberry, peas, carrots, tomatoes, corn syrup, milk and canola oil) to a home-blenderized raw vegan diet, just as soon as my Vitamix 5200 arrives.

I do NOT want to go through any kind of horrific detox. No bad acne, greasy skin/hair, severe body/breath odor, stinky wind, etc please! I want to do this gradual enough to allow my body time to adjust.

I know with my tube feeds, I transitioned from the old corn syrup/oil/coconut/milk formula (which made me extremely nauseated and gave me NO energy) to the new 'real foods' one (which doesn't make me sick and which I have enough energy on to get through a busy day and do an hour workout 6 days/week) over a period of two weeks, starting with 1/4 new formula, to 1/2, then 3/4, then full transition. The only problem I had was diarrhea for about 1 1/2 months afterward, until my digestive system completely adjusted.

So, about how slow should I do the transition from canned formula to homemade raw vegan? Which meal should I replace first? Or should I just start by replacing a snack? Which foods should I introduce into my diet first, second, third, etc and in what amounts? How long should it take me to transition fully, so as to avoid severe detox?

Also, I don't currently have a juicer - can I put the veggies in the blender? Do I have to do anything to them first to make them softer?


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    if you only have a blender, i would start with just adding one green smoothie a day into your diet. maybe do that for one week, then the next week have a bit more. there is no one recipe here because everyone's body is different. mayne people benefit a lot from just one green smoothie a day. i would say adding that into your diet would be a great first start and even if you only do that for a month, I am sure you will benefit.

    you may still even get some detox even if you do it gradually. hopefully not too severe though.

    you can also make juice in the blender. i just blogged about that here:

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  • If I were you I would try raw until dinner or a cooked (or prepared) breakfast and raw for the rest of the day. Please know that detox does NOT necessarily equal everything you just mentioned! I have none of those issues and I went raw cold turkey. It's not as bad for everyone as people make it seem. You should know that certain juices will make you detox quicker so if you can consume a lot of juice, you can majorly cut your detox symptoms and the time it takes to go through them. This can help you feel better from raw right away, which will allow you to get to 100% raw without loads of transition time.

    You'll be amazed at what your vitamix can do for you - it will virtually pulverize everything. If you strain the mush, you'll have juice without the fiber (a good thing, especially in the beginning).

    Good luck!

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