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Raw Dairy

If you have opinions on raw dairy or dairy keep them to yourself I've heard it all already. And I know this is supposed to be a raw vegan site but.....

Does anyone enjoy a little raw dairy once in a while? I will have raw cheese every once in a while, like today. It has been like maybe 3 months since I had some and even though I am lactose intolerant I splurge every once in awhile. I have to say it was really good in my raw soup.


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    this site has had this discussion before. this is one of the ONLY raw and VEGAN sites that really takes the stance on VEGANISM. please don't exploit that and talk about raw dairy. there are plenty of other raw sites that are tolerant of it. but i think we should respect the wishes of the creators of this website and not promote animal products.

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    I can tollerate raw-dairy product (processed milk products gives me more problems) but dairy doesn't fit my diet and I still have doubts about the health benefits of raw-dairy (also it's very hard to get real raw dairy products in the Netherlands although there is an absurd amount of milk in this country). If you want to know more about health and raw-dairy products google aajonus he's really into health benefits of raw dairy try to skip the parts about high-meat 8).

  • I find raw cheese delicious and used to consume it here and there. Some issues to consider, though.

    1. Your cheese might be made from Rennet, a by-product of veil production.

    2. I hear lots of the China Study and animal protein and casein and cancer and stuff, nothing I've looked far enough into to touch on in detail.

    3. Its cow titjuice. Its meant for baby cows to grow up on. We are adult humans. Sometimes the strangeness of this can be overlooked.

    The last reason is the most sensical reason for me to stop consuming dairy products. One of the goals for many people eating raw is to eat as close to our natural diet as possible, does dairy fit into that genre? I thinkn't.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    I drink raw milk, and sometimes eat raw ice cream or raw butter. there's a local farm dropoff that has a bunch of raw dairy products and other stuff. it tastes really good and it's more digestible for me than nuts or seeds :)

    still high fruit though

  • I wouldn't even drink my own body fluids, let alone a cow's. Bleugh!

  • Oh I knew even though I had the disclaimer saying keeping your opinions to yourself that some people wouldn't be able to read.

    I know about the rennet, I got one made with microbial whatever I think is made from a yeast of fungus anyway its vegetarian.

    I was vegan for probably 1.5 years before I staring eating eggs (free range local organic), raw local honey and raw cheese again. And when I eat them I don't go wild on them and I figure if I crave something now why not have it every once in a while if its not something like rat poison or bleach. I am not a purist and will probably never be 100% raw or vegan because I'm not comfortable that way and I don't think humans were meant to live like that. We aren't another animal species like all the others we were created (not evolved) to be superior so we have the luxury to hunt food , forage for food, and grow food ourselves(just think about Native Americans or other "primitive" societies) .


    thank you for your "confession". There are local farmers with raw dairy around here even though its illegal but they sell it as pet milk or pet yogurt. I was going to wait for farmer's market on saturday because there is this amish guy with the best raw cheese but I couldn't wait

  • I don't agree with this:

    "We aren't another animal species like all the others we were created (not evolved) to be superior...."

  • eechoeecho Raw Newbie

    yeah... what? We don't have the luxury of hunting? That is a societal thing, nothing to do with our biochemistry, creation, or anything regarding this topic as far as I am aware...

  • Just trying to help/ ignite intelligent discussion. I'm just trying to help others make informed decisions. Guess I'm just Raw Like That.

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