Fig and Avocado Tree's

Does anyone grow either of these tree's? I would like to grow one of each in my yard how would I go about doing this? I live in NC would I be able to grow either of them we have pretty moderate winters, maybe a month or two of sub 50 degree weather and it will go below freezing sometimes but not much.


  • I have no idea about avocados, but Figs are pretty easy. You can drape a blanket over them in winter, or plant them in a large pot and take them indoors or in a garage during winter as they don't need much if any sunlight during dormancy (just water now and then). You do have to protect them when it gets to be single-digit weather out. Clay pots, blankets and/or plastic sheeting help. I love figs. I wish I could grow a Pomegranite, but I'd have to have a greenhouse.

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