New - jumpin off the deep end

I am new to this community and new to raw, but for some reason doing this halfway just didn't feel right. So I'm diving into the deep end of the pond and today is already Day 5! I began eating about 75% raw four days ago, and yesterday was my first 95% day. It just felt good, easy, like the right thing for my body to do. I dont know exactly what I am doing but I am learning to trust my instincts. I have read some fabulous info from raw athletes (I'm kind of a physical gal) and will read other posts here. Just wanted to introduce myself and say that I'm diving in!



  • hi, i'm a newbie here, too.

    I just wanted to let you know that I really support you in what you're doing. I became officially vegan around a month ago, and my family was shell-shocked, so I don't think I'll be able to try raw for a little while. :)

    but seriously, it's great that you want to go all in though.

    and congrats on going strong for 5 straight days!

  • Thanks Gossamer. Congrats to you for your quest into vegan eating. I was slapped in the face (metaphorically) when I told my family and friends that I ate a plant based diet. I think I will keep my RAWness to my hubby and me for a while. It feels like a wonderful secret. I'm still going strong and my energy is off the charts. Someone asked me what I was doing ... not sure I want to say just yet.

  • sv3sv3

    Congrats starchild, I bid you well in your new quest of rawness!

    As you mention being into fitness, I thought you might be interested in Brendan Braziers 'Thrive' book which I've just read. He's not 100% raw but is high raw and a big advocate of this way of eating. He has some great raw recipes specifically designed for helping you before and after a workout. He's really into making sure the body has exactly what it needs to recover properly from the stress of physical exercise.

  • Brilliant, SV3. I'll check him out now.

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