Out of curiosity - Elaeagnus Berries

Has anyone ever had the opportunity to try elaeagnus berries? The plant is native to western and central Asia, but a specimen was planted on my college campus for woodland identification/landscape designing purposes in the Environmental Horticulture program (which I am earning my associate's degree in). The plant I came across was very mature, so it was abundant with fruit. They were DELICIOUS! They remind me of pomegranate in texture and taste, although the sweetness was more subtle in comparison to that of the bold pomegranate seed.

I'm just curious if there is anyone out there who has tried these berries before and shares my love for the great elaeagnus. I am especially interested to see if there is anyone who lives in the region that this plant is native to, as I'm curious to see if this fruit is popular on their market.

Just wondering.


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