simple dessert? THIS is a challenge:

I am fairly new to raw. The girl that I share an apartment with isn't raw and neither are my friends. A bunch of girls are coming over to my new place in a few days for dessert and tea. Right now I have a minimal budget, no blender, and a very weak dehydrator.

So, any ideas?

What is your favorite crowd-pleaser? They are all pretty easy going and adventurous, but omnivorous as well. What is something satisfying, sweet, good with tea, and not too "crazy raw"?


  • I don't know if you have a food processor, but here are some yummy desserts that look simple enough to try:

  • Here is something to consider if you are comfortable with it. Our church has a refreshment time after the service, and since we are a small church (like 3 families) doing the refreshments falls on me quite often. I do not eat all raw, but I have cut out wheat, most dairy, and sugar. So along with coffee, tea and juices I always bring a bunch of fruit- grapes, cut up pineapple, slices of apples that have been dribbled with lemon juice (keeps them from browning) Then I also have food that I don't eat- some cookies, chunks of cheese, etc. You can definately try some of the raw desserts if you have the time. For me- having a bunch of healthy food I like (and many of the others eat too) along side food I don't care to eat works out better.

  • Lately my dessert of choice has been a handful of dried cranberries and some almonds. easy! The textures and flavors are so pleasing together! If you presented them well that could be a nice dessert for tea guests. Also, I'm fond of these raw macaroons with a couple of mods:

    I omit the goji berries and peppermint for simplicity. Also, I find that they are WAY too sweet for me. I think I make them with just under 1/4 c agave. Better to start small and add more if needed. I shape them with my TBSP measuring spoon and keep in the fridge-- I don't dehydrate. They're yummy but I'd advise serving them chilled because they can get crumbly at room temp.

    I'd love to hear what you end up making!

  • Ohhh, that macaroon recipe does sound good though, and easy.

  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    No blender? You've gotta get a blender. Even a cheapy $30 one!

    Do you have a food processor? If so, you can make raw carob truffles. Very easy.

    If not, I agree, cut up fruit is one of the most delicious desserts on the planet.


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