Buckwheat Groats-How Healthy Are They?

I'm just wondering if anyone knows any of the vitamins or health benefits to buckwheat groats. I've been making them by soaking, then dehydrating, then eating them everyday as a make-shift granola, then I realized I didn't know if they had anything good in them or if they were just a good texture to serve as a replacement for granola...? I guess I could look it up online, but this crowd seems so informed and I like hearing the feedback from actual people :) Anyway, if anyone knows and doesn't mind telling me, that'd be awesome, thank you!


  • I recently read an article referring to (cooked) buckwheat which mentioned how buckwheat is excellent for weight loss because it produces stable insulin levels and blood sugar and is higher in protein than than any other grain. Although supposedly buckwheat is a berry, not a grain. I've sprouted buckwheat berries before and then dehydrated them into fluffy, crisp, light little crunchies, which are easy to incorporate into recipes and cereal. I think I'm going to make some buckwheat crunchies, too! I just put them after being fully dehydrated into a freezer gallon bag and stick them in the freezer for keeps. Here are some quick links to reference:



  • That's awesome, thank you for both the crunchies recipe AND the links, lauraj! I'm going to check them out right now :)

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