Finally, a raw food partner!

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I am beyond extited! My Mom has an Afican Grey parrot that’s 8 years old now and finally he is gonna be moving in with me! I was the one the bird bonded with from the very begining, so he kinda automatically became mine. Anyhow, I haven’t seen him in 4 years (I got married and moved across the country), so I can’t wait to have him back with me for good. BUT on top off all that excitment… I am a firm believer in feeding pets (or any animals) a species appropriate diet. So that just means we’ll be sharing the same foods! Finally I’ll have someone to help keep me keep chuggin along ;-) Can’t wait!

Any other parrot owners out there???


  • Hi coconutty! My mom had an aviary when we were growing up and three 8ft flight cages in the kitchen nook. So when you were at breakfast they would pull on your hair to make nests out of!

    She had appx 25 English canaries who look like they have bowl haircuts and look like The Beatles.

    We also had a couple of cocatiels at different times. I love the big birds but they do take a different level of responsibility.

    When we were on vacation in Key West we were staying at a bed and breakfast where the owner had birds. One was in a cage right next to where we were eating breakfast. It kept looking at my mom and gesturing with it’s foot. I said Mom he wants your banana- and we held it up and he grabbed it. It was so cute!

    Our cocatiel when I was in high school could whistle a bunch of songs I taught it. He could immitate me blowdrying my hair, brushing my teeth, and would take a shower with me.

    He didn’t live as long as my aunts because he didn’t like vegetables and loved popcorn. He would fly right down and land in the bowl if you weren’t protecting it- and start gobbling away!

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