Raw Sprouted Lentil Flour

I have a TON of sprouted lentils and I was wondering how to make flour of out them.

I was thinking of running them through a food processor until they were kind of pureed and then dehydrating them till they were fully dried out and then either tossing them in the food processor again to "break" them apart into a flour or grinding them up with a mortal and pestel.

Does that sound about right?


  • ktkt

    i do it the other way around, dehydrate first and then throw in the blender-thats not to say that your way wont be just as good or better

  • sv3sv3

    Hey spitfiredd, try out these crackers if you have loads of sprouted lentils. They're great!


  • I agree with KT id dehydrate them first then put them in a large capacity coffee grinder or blender/processer. I got a 1 cup capacity grinder at target for 25 dollors who's espresso setting makes great flours :). Hope it turns out well

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