Raw and Perscriptions

I am currently working my way into eating raw. I recently found out that I have psoratic arthritis in my foot which has forced me to quit my job, where is stand all day, and walk as little as possible, until the inflammation and injury heal. I have 3 months until they are going to put me on heavy drugs and am hoping switching to a raw lifestyle will prevent me from taking those medications. However I am on an anti-inflammatory and am not sure if I should continue taking it while going raw? Any thoughts on my situation? Would love opinions and help!


  • I would visit an Oriental medicine practitioner, an acupuncturist or a naprapath. I bet they could find a less invasive solution to your arthritis than anti-inflammatory drugs. As you become more and more clean internally from the raw foods, you'll notice how Western medications impact your health in some very negative and scary ways. There are usually more side effects listed on prescriptions these days than symptoms the "cure!" Don't go off your medicine though until you have met with an alternative medical practitioner. Best of luck!

  • Sometimes, using meds for a short time is worth it. It's the long term stuff you really want to try to avoid. I was surprised when I went to a natural health care practitioner that he suggested that I use advil or something similar for inflammation. His point was to use it to get the swelling down, and to get things back in place (pressure points, stuff like that) and then to not need meds afterwards. I don't know what your meds are and if the side effects outweigh the benefits. For me, it was worth a little advil for a few days.

  • Great choice on going raw to help combat your problems! Here is a site with lists of whole foods that you can incorporate in your diet for anti-inflammation, check it out:


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    I continued to take my medicines when going raw. I then was able to quit a few of them (whoopee!).

    I am happy to say that my psoriasis went away completely from the raw diet. My arthritis has improved but not 100%. I hope you get some relief.

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