need a grocery list...

Hi! am am new to raw. I was wondering if there are any “staple” raw foods/ingredients that someone who is going raw should have around? So far I have:agave nectar, and sea salt. Pleae help! I love this site and the recipes! Many thanks!

ps. any “tools” beyond a food processor ideas are welcomed! : )


  • I know this isn’t quite what you are looking for but I do have a suggestion. I love raw food for what it is and never have gotten into fancy tools and exotic ingredients. The best thing you can get to go raw is a set of really fun, sunny plates and bowls that make you happy to look at. Just colorful chopped fruit and veggies look so delicious on a handpainted wooden plate. Also, a peaceful place to enjoy your raw meals that invites slow eating and reflection. I don’t think going raw means eating 100 percent raw food right away, but living 100 percent of the lifestyle you are creating and welcoming. Have fun!

  • Basics to me would be collard greens and kale for smoothies and rolled sandwiches. A whole mess of zuchini also to slice thinly and roll veges in like sushi, carrots, avocado, jicama, peppers celery, cucumber. Favorite nut. Sunflower, sesame. Some kind of super food like quinoa, or amaranth that’s sproutable. Seasoning: herbamare, miso, braggs, tamari. (A lot of people try to stay away from braggs and tamari but they are good transition seasoning.)

    Fruit for smoothies mango, pineapple, banana: spices that can also be used in smoothies- mint, cilantro, and basil.

    Spinach, onion, sugar snap peas, sprouts or seeds for sprouting, and a root vege- like beets or squash for soups, spirolized noodles, or just grated over salads for color and extra vitamins.

  • Well I know that whenI was new I wanted “food” my head just couldnt comprehend fruit as a meal. So I statred by eating a lot of Tu-NO and desserts and other “recipes” with almonds. I love Renne Loux Almomd Burgers..the recipe isnt posted here but it was really good. I took my fav foods and tried to make the raw. Now I am more interested in mono meals of fruit, simple salads and wraps and of course smoothies (and when I can get a case of young cocnuts oh yeah!) I think the best advice for a newbie wou;d be to figure out what you really like and make sure you always have the ingredients on hand! Good luck!

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